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RAJA celebrates Diwali Milan with luminous grandeur

Photos by Vinod Sharma, SFA Productions

Atlanta, GA, January 6, 2023: Rajasthan Association of GA celebrated “Diwali Milan” this year at Opal Event Center in Lawrenceville with a vibrant gathering of more than 200 members and their families, friends, and guests.

Esteemed leaders of some Asian Organizations also graced the occasion.  The inaugural lamp was lit by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dinesh Purohit and his wife, Kailash Purohit. After the invocation of Shri Ganesha, the recital of the national anthems of India and US, and the welcome note, the guests were treated to an invigorating and eclectic mix of singing and dancing by talented members, including children. The witty and interesting anchoring added the cherry on the icing of the cultural performances. The radiant glow of families dressed in embellished traditional costumes matched the glinting spectrum of lights adorning the stage and the dining tables. The glittering décor superbly enhanced the theme of illumination associated with Deepawali.

People of Rajasthan are renowned for their larger than life chivalry, hospitality, and their love for delectable cuisines. The RAJA Diwali feast did not disappoint the food lovers from Rajasthan. The four-course dinner turned out to be a perfect blend of flavors, textures, and ingredients that appealed to all taste buds.

It was a soulful experience for the attendees to celebrate that luminous night amidst an ambiance of welcoming fellowship, the spirit of volunteerism, and high standards of hospitality that RAJA is known for. The seamless generosity of sponsors and the limitless support extended by all the new and existing members of the RAJA community reinforced the theme that “Together They Succeed”. Several awards were given out to the founding members of RAJA and members who served the Indian community at large during the pandemic.  Kids looked gleefully rewarded as they were given “Certificates of Appreciation” for their cultural performances.

Swati Agarwal, Sudhir Agarwal and Dr. Neelima Kothari were the emcees for the evening.

As I went to bed that magical night with a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart, I reread the story of Ramayana to both kids, sounding to them the significance of values and life lessons that we can all glean from our holy scriptures. In the act of reading Ramayana, I shared with kids the treasure trove of values that are integral to relationships and success in life. Ramayana helped me in reinforcing the life lessons inherent therein, life lessons that can illuminate the path of Karma, piety, duty, valor, and sacrifice as we take steps on the trajectory of our journey as humans wedded to the spirit of humanism.

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