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Muslim woman assaulted; her hijab ripped off

Washington, April 12 (IANS) A Muslim woman has said she was attacked in the US by a man who “ripped off” her hijab on her way back home and “beat her like an animal”, the media reported.

The woman from Milwaukee city in Wisconsin said the incident happened on Monday. She said the attacker threw her to the sidewalk and stepped on her head repeatedly, reported Fox6 News.

She described him taking out a knife to cut her jacket and her arm.

The victim was released from a hospital on Tuesday and the incident prompted calls for a hate crime probe, said the report.

The woman, who did’nt share her identity, said a car pulled up alongside her.

“One man came from a car and that man wanted only one thing: to remove my hijab.

“He said to take off my hijab. I tried to fight him. So he threw me on the floor then he beat me like an animal,” said the victim.

The attacker was able to pull the scarf off. Blood stains remained on it, according to the report.

“Certainly we’re scared for our community members. As an Islamic community, we want to make sure our community is always safe,” said Munjed Ahmad with the Islamic Society of Milwaukee.

The victim also said the attacker was calling her names and swearing at her.

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