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Meet the 16-year-old investor who is now sharing the tricks of the trade


Atlanta, GA, June 18, 2021: Different strokes for different folks, goes the adage. Soon to be 16-year-old Seattle high schooler, Vineel Bhat was drawn to Investing early on – so much so that he not only researched and learned more for himself, but now offers Invessential, a 10-week course on investing!

“I was influenced about finance and investing from a young age as a way to compound wealth and avoid financial struggles,” says Bhat. Having witnessed his immigrant dad grapple with initial loss in investments and gradually picking up skills of the trade market, Bhat was driven not to repeat the same mistakes. At age 8, he sent a letter to none other than Warren Buffett looking for advice, and received a reply encouraging him to study, read, and form good habits. “Throughout my childhood I read articles and watched videos online to build upon my investment knowledge, learning new strategies and risks of the stock market.”

At age 11, Bhat made his first investment in Bank of America. “The company was yet to recover substantially from the 2008 financial crisis, and they had backing of strong fundamentals – which attracted me to the stock,” notes Bhat. Since then, it has compounded at about 21% annually, representing a 3x gain on his investment excluding dividends.

The course, Bhat says is applicable to anyone: adults, college students, and teenagers included. “Investing proves important, and it’s never too late to start, no matter your age.”  The course is priced at $99 but can be purchased for $79 when bought before June 28,2021 when course contents become available. Bhat donates 20% of his profits to non-profit organizations supporting wildlife and covid relief efforts.

Bhat offered his first live course in 2019 at a local library, but then shifted to live online classes last year both due to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as to reach a broader audience outside his home town. Going forward, Invessential will be an online course with video lessons rather than live instruction, available across the globe. To include an interactive facet, live progress bars and an exclusive community where students can discuss current events and ask course-related questions, are made available. While the course structure will remain the same, video lessons, quizzes, action items will be updated to reflect new information, and new bonus content may be added based on student recommendations, over the years.

To enroll and learn more, visit his website at


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