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Meet and greet with Daaji: A heartful evening of meditation and mindfulness


Atlanta, GA, June 8, 2024: On Monday, June 3rd, Sankranti’s Abhira ballroom in Johns Creek, Georgia, set the stage for an extraordinary event: the “Meet & Greet with Daaji.” Co-organized by Heartfulness and Sewa International Atlanta, the evening promised an enriching experience with Kamlesh D. Patel, affectionately known as Daaji, the global guide of Heartfulness. The event attracted a diverse crowd eager to explore the world of meditation and inner peace.

Madhav Durbha, President of Sewa International’s Atlanta Chapter, opened the event and praised the work of Heartfulness Atlanta.

Sewa Atlanta volunteers collectively recognized Daaji for his service to humanity.

The highlight of the evening was an insightful interview conducted by Veena Rao, the founding editor of NRI Pulse. Rao, also an author of the book Purple Lotus, engaged Daaji in a meaningful conversation that explored the essence of silent change-making in a noisy world. Daaji, recognized globally for his contributions to peace and spirituality, shared his wisdom on maintaining inner calm and effecting change without fanfare. He explained that true change comes from within and that making noise often detracts from the energy needed to effect real transformation. He stressed the importance of mastering one’s own life before attempting to change others.

“If you make a lot of noise, you can never think about change. Your energy will be wasted in making noise. You have no other choice if you want to change yourself or anyone else,” he said.

“Having mastered one’s own life, see how you can share that knowledge with others in a quiet manner,” he added.

Rao’s interview with Daaji covered several compelling topics, including the role of meditation in daily life, the impact of Heartfulness on global peace, and the intersection of spirituality and practical living.

When asked about Kanha Shanti Vanam, Daaji described it as a place where meditation is practiced briefly but effectively, allowing the meditative mind to carry out the day’s tasks. He explained that individual peace leads to family harmony and, ultimately, global peace.

“Through individual peace, you can have global peace. If each family member maintains inner peace, the family can stay in harmony,” he stated.

Daaji also touched on the concept of spiritual anatomy, integrating it with physical and mental health. He explained that our nerves perceive things through neurotransmitters, but it’s the combination of physical and spiritual elements that truly matters. “Meditation helps remove impurities from our inner selves, creating a pure heart where divinity can reside,” Daaji noted.

The evening’s schedule included a meditation session led by Daaji, providing attendees with a firsthand experience of Heartfulness meditation techniques.

Daaji emphasized the importance of daily meditation, advocating for short sessions in the morning and evening to cleanse the mind of daily clutter and enhance overall well-being. “A meditator, if he has to practice meditation 24/7, is a failure. Just a few minutes of meditation in the morning is enough. The product of meditation, which is the meditative mind, should do the work during the rest of the day,” Daaji explained.

One of the most captivating segments of the evening was the Brighter Minds presentation, showcasing the incredible potential of the human brain. Two young participants astounded the audience with their extraordinary cognitive abilities. Blindfolded, one child accurately guessed the color of various balls, while the other read a text provided by an audience member without ever looking at it. This demonstration highlighted the remarkable power of the mind when nurtured through meditation and focused practice.

In addition to Daaji’s enlightening session, several speakers delivered inspiring speeches, and Daaji received recognition from the Georgia state government. A proclamation signed by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp recognized the contributions of the Heartfulness Institute. Mayor John Bradberry of Johns Creek and Representative Matt Reeves presented proclamations, with Reeves noting the designation of May 21st, 2024, as World Meditation Day in Georgia. Reeves emphasized the importance of meditation and self-reflection in addressing mental health and substance abuse issues.

Himanshu Karnwal, Johns Creek planning commission member also addressed the gathering, expressing gratitude for Daaji’s global efforts in promoting peace and meditation. The commissioner highlighted the importance of serving others and the role of meditation in fostering harmony in a divided world.

Other speakers included Johns Creek City Council member Bob Parmesh Eramalli, Fulton County Commissioner Bridget Thorne, Johns Creek City Council member Larry Dibase among others.

Following the evening’s activities, guests were treated to a delightful dinner. The meal provided an opportunity for attendees to connect, share their experiences, and reflect on the teachings of Daaji. The sense of community and shared purpose was palpable, as everyone gathered in the spirit of Heartfulness.

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