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Make your handicaps your wings, says Hrithik Roshan

New Delhi, Feb 8 (IANS) There is a way out of every struggle that one may encounter in life – that’s the message actor Hrithik Roshan has given out after successfully overcoming obstacles. The star, who has successfully battled stammering and more, says if you have the right point of view, handicaps can become your wings.

Be it the “Bang Bang!” star’s flexible and swift dance moves or his eight pack midriff, the 41-year-old has managed to enchant the ladies time and again.

And now, he is lauded for his clothing brand HRX’s new video “Defeat Defeat”.

The actor, however, credits all his success and stardom to the struggles he has faced.

“I am who I am today not in spite of my handicaps and struggles, but because of them. If you’ve the right perspective towards your struggles or your pain that you’re going through, they can actually become your wings. It can help you fly higher and that is the message I want to send,” Hrithik told IANS.

His split from wife Sussanne last year did not stop him from delivering a hit like “Bang Bang!” and he believes every person has the potential to overcome their struggles if they choose to. He wants to emphasise on that message through his brand.

“A human being has to build his own awareness of his mind to be able to harness his resources to enable him to rise from every fall and to overcome any hurdle or struggle or handicap,” he said.

“And that’s an education our youth and children need, we send them out into the world with knowledge of history and geography but not the tools and wisdom they will need to navigate through the real issues in their lives, the issues that may leave them emotionally drained depressed and lonely thinking they are failures.”

“HRX aims to empower just that,” he said.

Calling himself a “living example” of a person who overcame every struggle in his life, Hrithik, who is currently shooting for his forthcoming film “Mohenjo Daro” in Bhuj, said that if he can do it, so can anyone.

He said: “I am a living example of it. So, I want to use my example to tell people that there is no difference between me and them. I often hear my fans looking at me and saying ‘Oh but that’s Hrithik, he can do it because he is Hrithik Roshan’.”

“I want to completely expose that myth and tell people that I can do it not because of who I am but because of the mental tools we all have access to. I want to tell them that I am exactly the same as them. And if I found my way out, if I can use my mind and my awareness to achieve what I have achieved, then so can you.”

E-commerce platform Myntra is featuring HRX exclusively, and speaking about the brand, Hrithik said it is a symbol that guides him and empowers him to propagate his message to people who want change in their life.

“It’s a platform through which I want to empower the people who want to create a change in their life, but don’t know how. I want to give them the education about the tools and resources with which, we can harness the power of our minds. It is not just a fashion brand, it’s many things in one, but most importantly, the vision is to empower,” the actor said.

With his chiselled muscular physique and his green eyes, the star’s fans think he is the perfect package for Hollywood. Asked if he has any plans to work in the west, he said he has “been reading scripts” and “talking to filmmakers as well” but nothing is official yet.

“Mohenjo Daro”, directed by Ashutosh Gowariker, also stars Pooja Hegde, who is making her Bollywood debut with the film. It is set for Aug 12, 2016, release.

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