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Georgia State Capitol hosts Hindu exhibition called Darshana

Atlanta, GA, April 7, 2023: On March 22nd, 2023, the Georgia State Capitol hosted the “Darshana – A Glimpse into the Hindu Civilization” exhibition (Darshana) along with prominent Hindu community leaders, representing 17 non-profit organizations in Georgia. Around 25 elected officials, including GA State Representatives and Senators learned about the Hindu culture, guided by high school and college students, who explained the posters to them. Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh USA (HSS), in conjunction with numerous Hindu organizations, since spring of 2022, initiated this educational project as part of the Hindu Dharma Awareness Campaign. The exhibition’s goal was to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of Hinduism and to strengthen cultural ties between communities.

The exhibition offered a platform to explore a wide range of topics such as Yoga, Ayurveda, Dharma, Mathematics, Architecture, Arts, Sciences, and the present-day global presence of Hinduism. This exhibition is part of the Hindu Dharma Awareness Campaign and is successfully being displayed and welcomed nationwide. The event is open to all and provides glimpses into the Hindu way of life.

Several elected officials from the state of Georgia and their staff visited the Darshana and appreciated this awareness campaign. Representative Billy Mitchell of District 88, who is also the President of the National Black Caucus of State Legislators, appreciated the cultural diversity presented through the exhibition. Senator Shawn Still of District 48 found the posters about history and archeology especially impactful. Rep. Solomon Adesanya of District 43 said, “I would like the Hindu community to stay engaged and stay involved,” while expressing hope to see a Hindu Representative or Senator getting elected in the future.

While thanking the elected officials of Georgia State, Dr. Ajay Houde, President of HSS for Georgia, said, “The primary objective of this traveling exhibition is to educate policymakers, law and enforcement officers, and the residents of Georgia about the philosophy, culture, and rich heritage of Hindu-Americans. To date, we have presented the exhibition at twelve locations across the State with seventeen Dharmic organizations supporting the outreach initiative. We sincerely appreciate the overwhelming interest and participation of the Georgia State Representatives and Senators. Especially heartwarming is their support to provide us with more opportunities in their constituencies and at the Capitol.” In alignment with Dr. Houde’s comment, this exhibition traveled in 165 cities across the United States where over 200 events have been organized to educate political, civic, educational, and interfaith leaders about Hindu Dharma, another term for Hinduism. The exhibition also attracted broad public participation.

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