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California man faces ID theft, visa fraud charges

New York, Dec 24 (IANS) An Indian-origin man faces identity theft and H-1B visa fraud charges, Phillip Talbert, the Eastern California federal prosecutor, said.

A grand jury indictment on Friday found that Abhijit Prasad stole the identity of two people to get H-1B visas and also filed 31 petitions with false statements about work projects to be done in California, according to the prosecutor’s office in Sacramento, California.

H-1B visas are temporary and allow people with specialised qualifications to work in the US for employers who sponsor them,

Prasad, 49, lives in Tracy, California.

The first step in the federal legal system is for a grand jury made up of citizens hears preliminary evidence on allegations brought by prosecutors. If it finds there is a case it hands down an indictment based on which the prosecutors file a case.

Nirav Desai, an assistant federal prosecutor, is prosecuting Prasad and he is scheduled to appear before a judge on December 28.

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