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Youth dance to increase cultural awareness and celebrate festival of lights

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Atlanta, GA, December 6, 2018: Today, more than ever, we need inclusion and celebration of diversity with respect and unity. Collaboration with each other in spite of our differences brings us closer as a global community. Kalaxya Institute of Performing Arts (KIPA) did just that with a lot of creativity and enthusiasm at the Diwali celebration at Macy’s and Coca Cola. And for that, Kalaxya founder and director Mital Patel gained a lot of accolades and praise from the audience.

It is said that dancing is the best thing you can do for your body, mind and soul. What better way to fuel the passion of a dancer than the ancient forms of Indian classical dance while celebrating the festival of lights (Diwali). The Hindu festival of Diwali symbolizes the victory of good over evil. Through these events, the students and instructor of KIPA are integrating with mainstream USA to promote Indian culture and raise awareness of Indian festivals and values. Bringing awareness and sharing the culture and values is the first step to collaboration, that KIPA was proud to be a part of.

KIPA has partnered with multiple big organizations to showcase these beautiful dance forms and has gained tremendous recognition. Macy’s being the only major retail store that celebrated Diwali for the very first time in Atlanta, KIPA collaborated with Macy’s to make this ground breaking event a major success. Mital Patel and her students presented classical dance of Kathak (story telling through dance) and an entertaining Bollywood medley as well as an upbeat folk dance of Garba on November 4.  The event attracted hundreds of people to North Point Mall from diverse background and ethnicities. It was a true celebration of happiness and unity.

Kalaxya also had the privilege of being invite by Coca Cola to be part of their Diwali celebrations and perform dances on Nov 6.  The event was graced by the senior leadership of Coke, Consul General of India Dr. Swati Vijay Kulkarni as well as hundreds of employees.

These efforts are an ongoing journey and Kalaxya aims at continuing raising awareness of culture and values as an united front, integrating with mainstream USA.


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