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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2017


Dr Prem Kumar Sharma
Dr Prem Kumar Sharma

Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma has been providing astrological content to several leading Indian newspapers, TV channels and online publications for several years now.  He is also the author of several books on astrology and Vaastu Shastra. Rated among the top five astrologers of India by, Dr Sharma has received several awards for his contributions to astrology, including the prestigious Rashtriya Jyotish Shiromani Award by the All India Achievers Conference.
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Yearly Forecast for 2017

The year appears to be most acceptable for those belonging to the zodiac sign. You are expected to be more financially stable towards the year end. Success will not be a cakewalk this year in academic and professional field so get prepared to work hard. More caution is required in the former months of the year to avoid misunderstandings in close relationships. The months from March to June are favorable for travelling abroad. It is recommended to seal property deals in the first quarter of the year and to not keep it pending towards the end.
Lucky Months:January, March, December
Lucky Totka:Wearing a little green precious stone around your neck will profit you generally speaking.

Overall, 2017 seems to be a favourable year for Taureans. Caution is required in the first quarter of the year with respect to career. In relationships, matters that are looking bleak will work out in your favour eventually. With regards to health, although caution may be required in the middle of the year, but luckily you will manage to overcome it. Travel stars shine bright during the second and third quarters. Financial matters will grow stronger and better and you are expected to gain excellent profits in real estate, with respect to buying or selling.
Lucky Months:February, April, August
Lucky Totka : Keeping fresh yellow flowers in your room is likely to assure good health!

Greetings! 2017 seems to be an exceptionally favourable year for those who are governed by this zodiac sign. With respect to professional progress, the latter half of the year will bear fruits and brighten your career prospects. Your financial condition will improve by leaps and bounds. Health issues that had been troubling you lately are likely to disappear. Instability in your marital or romantic relationship will disperse through mutual effort. For those who are interested in buying or selling property, this is a fortunate year for you. First two quarters of the year are promising for those who desire to travel overseas.
Lucky Months: January, March, May, September.
Lucky Totka: Make sure there are no dead or broken electrical appliances lying at home this year. Get them repaired immediately!

It is quite true that Cancerians attract prosperity, and hence it is not surprising that the year 2017 augurs well for them, both in terms of job and business. However, it is advisable that you practice caution in the months of May and June to prevent the despicable deeds of a workplace colleague. Any disease or health issues troubling you previously will eventually evade. A possibility of marriage for those who are eligible or are in a long term relationship seems promising. This is a good year for Cancerians with respect to financial aspects. Chances of shifting to a new place or selling of a property are high.
Lucky Months: January, February, October
Lucky Totka: Avoid gifting or accepting any sharp edged or metal gift items this year!

For Leos, 2017 seems to be an year of ups and downs, however the ups will be more in number! challenges are likely on the career or academic front during the months of June or July, but rest of the year seems fruitful. It is recommended that you sort out existing misunderstandings currently prevailing in marriage or romantic relationship to spend the remaining year blissfully. Financially, you will be relaxed as there will be sufficient flow of money, mostly through property. Past ailments are likely to vanish and health condition will be stable.
Lucky Months: February, March, July, November
Lucky Totka: Keep three I-ching coins tied in red thread in your wallet to make sure the cash register keeps ringing.

For Virgos, the year 2017 is a mixed bag of good and bad. Professionally and academically, the first half of the year will bring desired results, however the latter half seems less promising. Caution and care is required so as to prevent problems in your relationships with your family members or your partner. Financial prospects will grow stronger as property dealings will bear good fruit. No major health issues are foreseen during this year. Possibilities pertaining to overseas travel cannot be ruled out in the third or fourth quarter.
Lucky Months: January, March, June
Lucky Totka:Sticking to herbal alternatives will be beneficial in keeping you stress free.

The year 2017 appears bright for the ones who are born under this zodiac sign. You are likely to do exceptionally well academically and professionally, however you may also face challenges in the month of August and September which will require a matured approach. Financially, you will remain on a sound wicket. You should cater to your relationship front with care as your half-hearted responses may lead to bitter moments. Attention towards health is recommended during the winter months. A vacation or an extended holiday in the third or fourth quarters seems alluring.
Lucky Months: April, May, July, September
Lucky Totka: A bracelet with a solid ball of silver will help you overcome challenges in any sphere.

2017 brings luck and prosperity for those born under this sign. Overcoming the challenges on the professional and academic fronts in the month of September and October, assures a desirable promotion or position. Although you seem to be financially sound, property deals in the first and second quarters of the year are best avoided. Relationships need to nurtured properly for which you are required to be strong-headed. Prospects of travelling abroad brighten up after the month of June. Practice caution to prevent the recurrence of an old ailment.
Lucky Months:May, June, August, October.
Lucky Totka: Wear a blue wrist band in your right hand for success on the work front.

This is the year of undoubted achievements to you. There will be a rise in professional life resulting in proper recognition and honor during 2nd or 3rd quarter of this year. During first part of this year, there is a chance for a lovable vacation with loved ones. There is an increased possibility to start a healthier lifestyle. Carelessness in money handling may lead to slight financial crisis at the end of this year. Your firmness will lead you to achieve your goal in life.

Lucky Months: December, November, July, June
Lucky Totka: Pendant that match your birthstone.

The year 2017 pictures a splendid year for the Sagittarians. You are likely to cherish favourable results in your professional and academic pursuits by making judicial use of old contacts. However, an unavoidable situations persists in the path of your career during the month of October or November. Financially, you will relish an exceptionally flattering condition. Complete recovery from previous ailments is indicated during this fruitful year. Taking a shot at romance will bring mixed results. Your endeavors in the former half of the year will push you towards your dream destination.
Lucky Months: June, July, September, November
Lucky Totka: Keep a crystal turtle on your work desk to ward off any negative energies affecting your career.

For the Capricorns, the year 2017 is highly challenging. With respect to financial aspects, recovering any losses incurred previously will take time, but you will manage well. Obstacles in your professional or academic sphere in the last quarter of the year may not allow you to put your best foot forward. Property issues should be dealt with exceptional care as wrong decisions can turn out to be disastrous. Your relationships, whether marital or romantic, will bring you exemplary and joyous moments as it will be at its peak. Travelling to exotic location is foreseen in the second quarter of the year. Enjoy remarkable health conditions throughout the year.
Lucky Months: February, July, December
Lucky Totka: Donating some stationary items to the poor children will fetch you good results in your career. .

The year 2017 promises “everything in abundance” for the Aquarians. Towards the beginning, you will be more in control of your immediate environment and gain confidence to even make your critics dance to your tunes! Career progression with respect to promotion or increment is foreseen in the second or third quarter of the year. You will find yourself firmly footed financially. Health will not be a matter of concern throughout the year. You may find it difficult to reciprocate your partner’s feelings, but your strong bond will help you strengthen your relationship overall. Doubtful property deals are best avoided during the year.
Lucky Months: March, August, September, November
Lucky Totka: Wear a silver ring in your right hand, index finger, to bring in positivity!

2017 appears to be a financially strong year for the Pisceans. Lump sum profits/earning are foreseen for those in business/jobs. Any new prospect initiated or any business ideas implemented at work in the third week of the year will bring desired outcomes. Although your health may encounter minor ups and downs during the first quarter, you will manage to bounce back to fitter health conditions. Turbulence in marital front cannot be evaded and hence more efforts are required to balance it otherwise. Those who are in a romantic affair are advised to be careful particularly during the last quarter of the year.
Lucky Months: April, September
Lucky Totka: Wear your lucky birthstone in gold chain to invite good fortune.

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