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VCUBE Business Solutions to Provide Primary Care through Telemedicine Services

Photos by Narendra Gadhiraju

Atlanta, GA: The inauguration and grand opening ceremony of VCUBE Business Solutions took place at Holiday Inn Express hotel inAlpharetta,Georgia, on 24th January 2015 to provide primary healthcare through telemedicine services, to the deprived and isolated people in rural India. The inauguration ceremony was attended by about 100 NRIs in and aroundAtlantaand graced by the presence of Chief Guests Dr.Deen B Chandora and Dr. Nimisha Trivedi.

Sailaja Munnagala and Shastry Munnagala manned the guest registration desk, and after registration, Nalini Chaganti made sure they were seated comfortably. Nalini then introduced the VCUBE Business Solutions Partners/Directors; Chairman and Founder Venkata Chaganti; Nalini Chaganti;Gowri Sundararaman;Venkata Sai Ram Karumanchi;Venkata Munnagala; and Sailaja Munnagala.

Chief guests did Jyothi prajwalanam, followed by Vedic mantras. Dr. Chandora is a renowned doctor, social activist and philanthropist. He is also author of several books and is founder member of various Organizations, including Vedic Temple in Atlanta in 1986. He gave an informative speech on the advantages, need of quality Primary Health care in Indian Villages, and commended VCUBE’s initiatives towards it.

Dr. Nimisha Trivedi is a well-known doctor, specialized in family medicine. She is a recipient of many awards and has done many presentations on Women’s Health and Internet addiction in adolescents.  She provided good insight into Telemedicine, how to prevent diseases in villages and supported VCUBE’s vision.

Sai Ram requested VCUBE Chairman and founder Venkata Ramana Chaganti to talk about VCUBE’s Business and their goals. Venkata R Chaganti gave a power point presentation showing the essence and need of quality Primary Health care in Rural India. He said villages are the backbone of India, quoting Mahatma Gandhi, “The true India is to be found not in its few cities, but in its seven hundred thousand villages. If the villages perish, India will perish too.” More than 700 million rural people inIndia have deficiency of qualified doctors and medical infrastructure. Rural people spend more money and travel long distances, for their day-to-day and quality medical care needs. VCUBE Business Solutions is focused on providing quality health care to rural India, using Telemedicine and the latest information and communication technologies with the help of qualified doctors/specialists/health care professions next to village door steps and that too at affordable prices. Rural areas are sadly underserved. There is a doctor for every 5000 people in Urban India and there is only one doctor for every 34000 people in Rural India. Our goal is to bring the rural health care to the level of urban health care with at least one qualified doctor/specialist available for around 5,000 rural people. It is encouraging that recent policies of Indian government, especially the advancements in Telemedicine from Department of Information and Technology and Minister of Health and Family Welfare is trying to address this critical rural health- care problem. To lend our support, we have come up with innovative ideas on Telemedicine and are poised to implement it.Chaganti informed the gathering of Healthcare Units, where a patient in a village can interact with a qualified doctor in city, through Teleconsultation and how information and communication technologies can be used for achieving it. He shared VCUBE’s future plans and explained how people can lend their support to VCUBE Business Solutions and embrace a social cause.

A demonstration of healthcare units, where doctors, staying in cities and patients, nurses staying in village clinics are connected using Video Conferencing was given by Shastry, Gowri and Vishwamitra. As part of demo, they requested one of the guests to come for a checkup. Srinivas came forward and successfully measured his Blood Pressure using Blood Pressure digital monitor. It was an informative session for the audience.

SaiRam Karumanchi invited the audience to talk about Telemedicine. Many attendees shared their knowledge and views. Ms. Gowri Sundararaman and Vishwamitra Chaganti demonstrated importance of telemedicine using social media. Sailaja explained the telemedicine concept and how it works. Q & A session was lively with the audience seeking more information on Telemedicine, concept, implementation, risks, finances, goals etc. Venkata Ramana answered the questions in great detail. Many people came forward to extend their expertise and support.

Pictures at the event were taken by Narendra Gadhiraju. Nalini moved the vote of thanks. She thanked the chief guests and all the attendees for their participation and making the event successful.

For more information on VCUBE Business Solutions, please visit:

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