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TiE Young Entrepreneur team REGEN tops in Southeast region; heads for international championship

Atlanta, GA: Team “REGEN”, a group of high school TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) brought home the 1st place Champions Award Saturday, April 16th at the TYE High School Entrepreneurship competition held at Westin Hotel in Atlanta.

This year’s season started in the fall with 300 students from 15 high schools and 18 universities mentored by 180 entrepreneurs. The team “REGEN”, the first place winner of this year’s competition, will represent the southeast region at the International championship (June 23rd -25th 2016) in Portland, Oregon where more than 30 teams from around the World will participate.

As a part of the TYE program, these young entrepreneurs learn: about Idea creation, team building, opportunity recognition and market opportunity, developing business model, building marketing plan, value proposition and development, developing key resources, developing customer segments, developing distribution channels, advertising and business promotions, developing financial model, managing cash flow and pricing and presentation of business plan/solution to investors.

Every year over 3000 students from 18 countries, 61 chapters worldwide participate and compete at the TYE championship events.  As a part of the competition, each team is challenged to come up with innovative solution to solve global problems using the skills they learned throughout the TYE program.

For the competition, team REGEN chose to tackle the problem of Burn Victims. Every year, there are almost half a million burn victims in the USA alone and about eleven million burn victims worldwide.

For their solution, they came up with a new method to use Placental Stem Cells in a gel format to provide efficient and affordable burn treatment to those who have suffered the terrors of burns. The science behind the therapeutic power of placenta stem cells is that they are self-replicating and have the ability to turn into any type of cell.

Their solution has distinct advantages over traditional treatment like skin grafting such as lower cost per procedure, easy application by a mid-level practitioner, significantly less painful and less invasive, and it is the only treatment that will regenerate soft, healthy natural skin.

Their solution will be beneficial to all types of people. Physicians will like it because it is easy for them to apply, patients will like it because it is less painful, more efficient, will save them lot of money, and the hospitals will love the product, because it is affordable and reliable.

REGEN has already applied for a patent to protect its intellectual property. Team REGEN is determined to continue the mission of the company- even after the TYE Global competition- to improve the life of millions of burn patients around the world.

Team REGEN was mentored by the successful entrepreneur David Feldman in their journey to victory.

Members of the team REGEN include Eshan Bhojane, Anuraag Agarwal, Priya Yadav, Neeraj Alavala, Edward Jing, Megha Shah, and Maya Shah.

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