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Mata Amritanandamayi Devi embraces Atlanta

Atlanta, GA: A cool breeze of love and harmony swept through Atlanta June 28-29 with the presence of Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (Amma). Amma’s two-day visit to the Atlanta Hilton marked her third visit to the region. In spite of the thousands of people from the Southeast and other parts of the world who gathered inside, the hotel ballroom of was saturated with peace and love, as everyone eagerly awaited their experience of Amma’s powerful love, compassion, and selflessness.
Referred to by Dr. Jane Goodall as “God’s love in a human body,” Amma has hugged more than 39 million people throughout her life, in a tireless gesture of compassion to uplift others. Amma’s time in Atlanta found her blessing everyone who came with her motherly embrace, including several dignitaries. These included the Consul General of India, Atlanta, Dr. Swati Vijay Kulkarni, who said, “Amma, your life is an example of the concept vasudhaiva kutumbakam––’The whole world is one family.’ For you, meditation is as precious as gold and compassion is the fragrance of your life. We are so blessed that you have made the Southeast a part of your itinerary.”

  Chizu Hirata, a long-time devotee of Amma, flew all the way from Japan to be with Amma in Atlanta. “Amma energizes me,” she said. “I feel very comforted and peaceful. It is very refreshing to be in Amma’s presence.”

Aside from Amma’s darshan, Amma also led the guests through satsang, devotional singing, meditation, and prayers for world peace. Free IAM Meditation and Amrita Yoga classes were also offered to the attendees.  Music and dance  groups from regional satsangs, including Atlanta, Knoxville, Raleigh and Orlando, had the opportunity to present their artistic offerings before Amma. Atlanta’s Amrita Bala Kendra chanted sacred Vedic chants. The members of the Orlando Satsang dressed as gopis of Vrindavan, offered love and devotion at the feet of Sri Krishna. And the Atlanta Satsang presented a vibrant Haryanvi folk dance to the tune of “Ma Kali.” The peace, comfort and healing that Amma provided was tangible. The programs concluded with a prayer for a world peace that reverberated throughout the venue and beyond.

Atlanta is just one of 10 cities on Amma’s 2019 North American Tour. Each program is put together and facilitated by hundreds of volunteers. Local groups arrange everything, from the rental venue to the preparation of the food.  All proceeds go to Amma’s worldwide charitable organization Embracing the World.
Amma’s local center, MA Center Atlanta, is located in Cumming, GA. Along with free meditation courses, Amrita Yoga classes and spiritual teachings for children, MA Center Atlanta also undertakes several charitable activities in the area. Satsangs are held on the second and fourth Saturday of every month and are free and open to the public. The Atlanta Satsang is diverse in culture, tradition and religious backgrounds and welcomes people of all traditions. (For more  information please visit

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