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Taylor Road Middle School Wins State Robotics Championship at UGA

State 1st place winners: (Left to right) Principal Ed Williamson, Rithik Doddla, Sakshi Kakkad, Tyler Shin, Pavana Karthikeyan, Eshan Bhojane, Sindhu Tunki, Maanas Purushothapu and Jeff Bachus-technology teacher. Not in the picture: Vibhu Mocherla.


Atlanta, GA: Taylor Road Middle School Robotics team, the Atomic Bubbles from Johns Creek competed on Saturday, February 7th at First Lego League (FLL) State Championship at UGA. Atomic Bubbles won the 1st place Champion’s Award.

This year’s season started in the fall with 521 registered teams in Georgia and it culminated in two state championships, one at UGA and one in GA Tech.  The 1st place winners from UGA and GA Tech will represent Georgia in St. Louis where they will compete in the Ultimate Sports of the Mind.

Every year over 265,000 children ages 9-16 from 80 countries participate and compete at over 700 FLL qualifying and championship tournaments.  Each Challenge has three parts: the Robot Game/Design, the Project, and the FLL Core Values.  Challenges are designed around topics where participants are exposed to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) principles.

As part of the competition, each team is challenged to come up with an innovative solution to the question/problem posed each year. This year’s theme is “World Class Learning Unleashed.”  Atomic Bubbles posed a question: How to better help students with ADHD learn to organize their schoolwork ?

Their solution: OMG, Organizational Management Guru, which is an application that mainly focuses on teaching the user how to efficiently organize his or her school work. The first feature is the lesson plan/survey that gathers data to generate a custom lesson plan.. The second feature is similar to “Khan Academy” where the user can look up videos and tutorials. The third feature is folder organization that allows users to store and organize documents. The fourth feature is an online agenda where you enter your work and the dates they are due, and the agenda automatically notifies you every two hours to complete your work. The OMG provides structure, routine, and organization for those who need it.

Members of the Atomic Bubbles team include Pavana Karthikeyan, Rithik Doddla, Vibhu Mocherla, Tyler Shin, Sindhu Tunki, Sakshi Kakkad, Maanas Purushothapu and Eshan Bhojane.

This report first appeared in the Taylor Road Middle School newsletter.

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