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State Rep. Reeves advocates for Gwinnett property tax relief with Indian American community support


Atlanta, GA, May 13, 2024: On May 9, 2024, State Representative Matt Reeves (R-Duluth) hosted a press conference at the 1818 Club in Duluth, followed by a fundraising event, focusing on significant property tax relief measures slated for the May 21 primary ballot in Gwinnett County. These measures, highlighted during the event, are aimed at providing substantial support to homeowners and public service workers, capturing the attention of a diverse audience including the Indian American community.

During the conference, Rep. Reeves discussed the specifics of House Bills 711 and 748, enacted in 2023. These bills propose to double the homestead exemption for all homeowners and introduce additional exemptions for school employees, law enforcement, hospital staff, and military personnel. “The need for such reform is critical. We’re ensuring that our community’s backbone—our teachers, nurses, police officers, and military personnel—can afford to live in the communities they serve,” explained Reeves.

In his exclusive interview with NRI Pulse, Rep. Reeves specifically addressed the Indian American community, ensuring they were informed and engaged with the proposed changes. “I’m here to ensure that the Indian community is aware of and benefits from these proposed changes. Voting yes on these measures will support not just individual homeowners but enrich our entire community,” stated Reeves. He also expressed his dedication to inclusivity and community engagement, highlighting his service to areas with significant Indian American populations like Suwanee, Duluth, and Sugar Hill.

Rep. Reeves also touched on broader issues such as public safety and education, discussing ongoing initiatives aimed at improving school infrastructure and emphasizing the importance of early childhood education. “By investing in our schools and ensuring safety, we’re building a foundation for a thriving, diverse community,” he said.

The Mayor of Sugar Hill, who attended the conference, echoed Reeves’s optimistic outlook, pointing to a previously successful property tax relief measure in Sugar Hill, which passed with a vast majority. However, despite the enthusiasm for the measures, voter turnout has been a concern, with only 6,000 votes cast so far in a county of one million residents.

Rep. Reeves and his team are actively encouraging greater participation, especially urging the Indian American community to make their voices heard. “Your vote is a pivotal step towards maintaining Gwinnett as a premier place to live, work, and thrive,” he concluded, emphasizing the importance of their participation in the upcoming primary.

The events of the day not only spotlighted the urgent need for property tax reform but also reinforced Rep. Reeves’s strong commitment to his diverse constituency, particularly the Indian American community in Gwinnett County.

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