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Recipes for chocolate sandesh, gulab kheer, shahi tukda & ananas aur malai champ

Traditional sweets are of the essence when it comes to Diwali and the celebrations are simply incomplete without home-cooked stuff. This time celebrate the festival by indulging in some sweet and tasty treats.
Here are some mouth-watering recipes by Chef Sudipta Saha, The Pllazio Hotel, Gurugram.

1. Chocolate Sandesh
2 litres of full cream milk
5 gms of lemon salt
100 gms of chocolate
10 gms of coco powder
25 gms of butter
50 gms of sugar
Boil milk at a low temperature. Put lemon salt in it.
Filter it using a muslin cloth and refrigerate.
In a double boiler, add butter, chocolate chunks, sugar, and coco powder.
Pour it to the milk mixture.
Refrigerate for 30 minutes.
Cut into squares.

2. Gulab Kheer
11 litres of full cream milk
100 gms of basmati rice
100 gms of sugar
Rose water
Rose petals
Boil milk at a low temperature for 30 minutes.
Add Milkmaid and sugar and cook for 5 minutes.
Add basmati rice and cook till rice becomes tender.
Add rose petals and rose water.
Let it cool.
Garnish with almond flakes.

3. Shahi Tukda
1 litre full cream milk
6no milk bread
250 gms of desi ghee
250 gms of sugar
100 ml of water
5 pieces of small cardamom
Cut the bread in a triangular shape, remove sides.
Fry in desi ghee till it turns golden in colour.
Dissolve sugar in luke warm water and dip the bread in it.
Boil milk till it becomes thick. Stir constantly.
Pour it on the bread.
Garnish with cardamom powder.
4. Ananas aur malai champ
500 gms of raw pineapple
500 gms of raw papaya
300 gms of sugar
1 litre milk
200 gms of khoya
Boil milk for 20 minutes at a moderate temperature.
Add khoya when it gets thick.
Refrigerate for one hour.
Boil pineapple and papaya for 5 minutes.
Add sugar, pineapple, papaya to a kadhai.
Cook till it becomes sticky and add saffron.
Make small balls of the milk mixture.
Dip it in the pineapple and papaya mixture.

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