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On the eve of SPB’s birth anniversary, a musical night befitting the legend

Indian cinema has seen few singers who have mesmerized audiences for decades quite like him. He created history in Telugu cinema by singing almost 40,000 songs and has remained in the hearts of countless people. Sri Sripati Panditaaraadhyula Bala Subrahmanyam (SPB), or Balu as he was fondly referred to, was a household name not only among Telugu people but around India.

On the eve of Sri Balu’s birth anniversary on June 4th, SPB Music International (SPBMI) conducted their second anniversary of Balu’s Musical Night on June 17, 2023, at John Champe High School near Aldi, Virginia. The musical night was filled with heartful performances by singers of all age groups starting, from teens to seniors.

A singer with great musical taste and abundant talent, Sri Parthasarathy Nemani flew down from India to attend this event and captivated the audience through his electrifying performance and energy. He sang many hit songs of Sri Balu from the past four decades that encompassed a wide range of genres, including classical, folk, devotional, and contemporary styles. With his soul-stirring voice and incredible stage presence, Mr. Nemani left no stone unturned to enthrall the audience. Being a disciple of Sri Balu, Mr. Nemani said that it was an honor to sing Sri Balu’s songs in the presence of the crowd in the capital area of America.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Bhaskar Ganti, the founder and president of International Software Systems, Inc. (ISSI), the person behind organizing the evening, said that the name of Sri. Balu is immortal and would live as long as Telugu language and Telugu songs live. He further stated that music is a universal language that transcends boundaries and brings people together by exposing kids to diverse music.

“We can broaden their horizons, foster cultural appreciation, and promote harmony and understanding among different communities. SPBMI provided went above and beyond to ensure that the event featured a diverse and mouth-watering selection of Telugu cuisine, catering to the tastes and preferences of the attendees,” he said.

The musical event, which spanned an impressive duration of five hours, captivated the audience from start to finish, ensuring that boredom was nowhere to be found. The organizers skillfully curated a program that encompassed a variety of performances and engaged the audience in a way that kept them thoroughly entertained throughout the event.

The program was attended by Mr. Satish Vemana (Past-President, TANA), Yadla Hema Prasad (Senior TANA leader), Musician Mr. Jagannatha Rao, various Presidents of the Telugu organizations Mr. Krishna Lam, Mr. Satyanarayana Manne, and Mr. Satish Vaddi. They all congratulated SPBMI for conducting such a great event. Event was sponsored by several noted Telugu people including Srikanth Kasi, Ravikanth Kasi, Soma Pappu, and several others.

In honor of the Sri. Balu’s legacy and in the spirit of celebrating his life and contributions, the SPBMI organization donated food for around 300 at Reston Embry Rucker Shelter in Reston, VA. The SPBMI thanked every donor who helped organize this fantastic event and announced that the next anniversary of SPB Music International will be held in Atlanta.

Organizers thanked Sankara Nethralaya USA President Mr. Bala Reddy Indurti for his unconditional support.

The audience thanked all the organizers of the event, including SPBMI (Parent Organization) Chairman Mr. Srinivas Guduru, Vice Chairman Ms. Rajeswari Burra, President Mr. Udaya Bhaskar Ganti, Executive President Mr. Praveen Guduru and Secretary Ms. Lakshmi Moparthi and also the DMV SPBMI Chapter committee President Mr. Hanu Marella, Vice President Mr. Surya Maruvada, Treasurer Uma Yeluru, and Secretary Mr. Murali Batchu.

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