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New Website Makes Comparing and Reviewing Money Transfer Services Easy

The launch of now saves the immigrant community time, effort, and money when transferring funds to India.

” … an unique and innovative online platform to compare various money transfer services to India. “

Santa Clara, California (PRWEB) October 22, 2013 –, a new online service offering non-resident immigrants, an unique way to quickly compare money transfer services and find the best value for their dollars when transferring money to India. The innovative website gives users a wealth of information and knowledge about remittance services. It is also designed to overcome the common hurdles faced by those transferring money, including finding the best exchange rate, ensuring that the transfer service is trustworthy and reliable, and getting the best value.

CompareRemit lets users immediately see today’s dollar-rupee exchange rate as well as the exchange rate offered by the various remittance services such as Western Union, MoneyGram, Xoom, and many more. Customers can quickly find the best exchange rate across many money transfer services without having to visit multiple remittance websites. All the services on CompareRemit are free to the user.

Prior to CompareRemit, people transferring money to India were required to navigate many money transfer websites to compare foreign exchange rates, features, services, and fees before identifying the service they should use. The hassle was so great that many took the easy route by choosing based on brand and missing out on better exchange rates. The CompareRemit website eliminates those problems and gives customers greater control and the ability to choose features and services that suit their needs by visiting a single website. Plus, the customers of CompareRemit can read and post reviews to help them choose based on real customer feedback.

Rajeev Shrivastava, CEO of, remarks, “Most people spend far too much time trying to figure out the best remittance service. Remittance is a billion-dollar-a-year industry and CompareRemit is a game-changer within that industry. It will change how remittance works for the future of non-resident Indians by helping them make smart, informed decisions about transferring money in the most reliable and least expensive way.”

The site is designed to bridge the gap between customers trying to send money and the various remittance service providers. The goal is to help customers make the best choice about where and when to transfer money. Using CompareRemit, customers can view exchange rate trends and get alerts about exchange rates to ensure that they are getting the best value for their money.

CompareRemit is a new service launched by a reputable company known for delivering invaluable services to the Indian immigrant community through other platforms like Path2usa, Trackitt, and Lawbench. CompareRemit is committed to maintaining the same level of commitment and high standards of service through its money transfer service.

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