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Many Indian-Americans among Forbes' 'young game changers'

Megha Parekh, Vice president, Jacksonville Jaguars

Washington, Feb 12 (IANS) At least 26 Americans of Indian or South Asian origin figure in this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 list or what the US business magazine calls “today’s greatest gathering of young game changers, movers and makers.”

“Our fourth annual celebration is bigger than ever: 600 millennials in 20 fields” says the magazine featuring Indian Americans in 11fields with dominating presence in Finance and Science and Health Care with five each.

Here is the list:


1. Ganesh Betanabhatla, 28, Managing director, Talara Capital; Former JPMorgan oil & gas investment banker and vice president at Pine Brook Partners.

2. Rushabh Doshi, 29, Trader, DW Investment Management; Former Morgan Stanley and Brevan Howard trader.

3. Chaitanya Mehra, 28, Portfolio manager, Och-Ziff Capital Management;
Former Goldman Sachs trader.

4. Neil Mehta, 29, Founder, Greenoaks Capital

5. Vivek Ramaswamy, 28, Investment analyst, QVT Financial; Co-managing one of the hedge fund industry’s largest biotech-focused portfolios for Daniel Gold’s hedge fund.


6. Sahil Lavingia, 21, Founder, Gumroad; A former designer at Pinterest, Lavingia is the founder and CEO of Gumroad.

Social Entrepreneurs

7. Karan Chopra, 29, Cofounder, GADCO; Karan Chopra grew up in Ghana and is now helping the nation’s poorest farmers reap higher profits.

8. Krishna Ramkumar, 28, Cofounder, Avanti; Krishna Ramkumar founded Avanti, a group of learning centers in Mumbai, Delhi, Kanpur and Chennai that provides 750 bright, low-income high school students with science and math education.

9. Ajaita Shah, 29, Founder, Frontier Markets; Ajaita Shah’s India-based Frontier Markets brings clean energy to families at the base of the pyramid.

10. Kavita Shukla, 29, Founder, Fenugreen; Kavita Shukla invented and patented FreshPaper-a low-cost, compostable paper infused with edible organic spices that keeps produce fresh two to four times longer.


11. Muthu Alagappan, 23, Consultant, Ayasdi; Developed a set of advanced statistical basketball metrics; he groups players by statistical strengths to surmise that a team effectively breaks down to thirteen positions rather than five.

12. Megha Parekh, 28, Vice president, Jacksonville Jaguars; Harvard Law School graduate and former Proskauer associate.


13. Amir Rao, 29, Studio director, Supergiant Games; Co-founder of Supergiant Games and co-creator of the action role-playing video game Bastion.

Science & Healthcare

14. Divya Nag, 22, Cofounder, Stem Cell Theranostics and StartX Med;

Divya Nag is attacking one of medicine’s biggest problems: the fact that most types of human cells-like those in the heart or liver-die when you keep them in a petri dish.

15. Raghu Chivukula, 29, Resident Physician, Massachusetts General Hospital; A microRNA he characterized shows early promise as a liver cancer drug.

16. Surbhi Sarna, 28, Founder, nVision Medical; Company envisions to create a technology to detect ovarian cancer quickly and early.

17. Sam Chaudhary, 27 and Liam Don, 27, Cofounders, ClassDojo; A software company that helps teachers track classroom behaviour.

18. Sayamindu Dasgupta, 29, PhD student, MIT Media Lab; Dasgupta is vital to the Lifelong Kindergarten Research Group’s Scratch project, which enables kids to programme their own games, animated stories, and art and share them with millions of other children around the world.

Law & Policy

19. Noorain Khan, 29, Associate, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz; Rhodes Scholar specializes in M&A, corporate governance, debt offerings and funds practice.

20. Derek Khanna, 25, Tech policy scholar, Activist; Launched the cellphone unlocking campaign that included the first White House petition to reach 100,000 signatures, resulting in introduced legislation. Participated in StopWatching.Us coalition, leading to introduction of USA Freedom Act.

21. Nabiha Syed, 28, Attorney, Levine Sullivan Koch & Schulz; Considered one of the best emerging free speech lawyers.


22. Nikhil Sethi, 25 and Garrett Ullom, 24, Cofounders, Adaptly; Adaptly is their solution for advertisers who are overwhelmed by the challenges of managing their campaigns across numerous social platforms.

Marketing & Advertising

23. Pranav Yadav, 28, CEO, Neuro-Insight; Neuro-Insight is a neuromarketing firm that has developed a patented brain-mapping technology to investigate and improve the quality of TV commercials, programming and platforms.


24. Adam Khan, 29, Founder, Akhan Tech; Diamonds are coming to the computer chip industry and Adam Khan’s company, Akhan Technology, is at the forefront.

25. Eesha Khare, 18, Young Scientist Award Winner, Intel International Science and Engineering Fair; Eesha’s invention could pave the way to a cell phone that can be fully charged in just seconds.

Food & Wine

26. Aditi Malhotra, 28, Founder, Tache Artisan Chocolate; The CEO-chocolatier trained in Switzerland at Glion Institute and then spent several months training with Christian Vautier before opening her own artisan chocolaterie.

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