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Johns Creek council members Erramilli and Tunki take oath of office on the Bhagavad Gita


Photos courtesy: City of Johns Creek’s Facebook page.

Atlanta, GA, January 12, 2022: In a historic victory with two elected Indian Americans on the council, Johns Creek’s newly elected mayor John Bradberry and City Council members Bob Erramilli, Dilip Tunki and Larry DiBiase were sworn in on Jan. 10 at the council’s first public meeting of 2022.

Erramilli and Tunki took their oath of office on the Bhagavad Gita.

Dilip Tunki taking the oath of office on the Bhagavad Gita.

“Public service is a calling and not for everybody. I am thankful to each of you for deciding to answer the call for public service and I am incredibly hopeful for our future,” Mayor Bradberry said in his opening remarks.

Roger Weiss, member of Georgia Military Hall of Fame and member of Johns Creek Veterans Association passionately led the Pledge of Allegiance. “When you see a veteran, say, thank for your service to the country. When you see a first responder, say thank you for your service to the community,” Weiss urged.

The election of mayor pro tem, a position that authorizes a council member to perform mayoral functions in case the mayor is absent or disabled, was among the agenda item for the meeting.

Bob Erramilli taking the oath of office on the Bhagavad Gita.

Citing his seniority and public service on the council, Councilwoman Erin Elwood nominated Chris Coughlin to the position. DiBiase nominated Councilwoman Stacy Skinner for the position, citing her leadership of her neighborhood board, experience on the board of zoning appeals and leadership he said she provided during the campaign process.

Coughlin shared plans to make the term for mayor pro tem, saying he would resign after one year, if elected. Shortening the term, Coughlin said, would “give every council member a seat at the table.” Skinner said she would do the same.

Chris Coughlin was awarded the role on a 4-3 vote. Coughlin has served in the Post 4 seat since first elected in 2015.  Coughlin drew votes from Bradberry, Elwood, Tunki and himself. “The choice I wanted to make was to do the right thing. Pick a senior member who would give us some direction,” Tunki said about his choice for Coughlin as mayor pro tem. 

Last few months, my interactions with Stacy gave me a new respect for this person. She is the president of the largest neighborhood int eh city of Johns Creek. What baffled me was that this person resigned from her job to execute the position of Johns Creek city council member. That to me shows extraordinary level of commitment,” Erramilli said about his choice, Skinner. Skinner, DiBiase an Erramilli voted for Skinner.

Coughlin assumed the role immediately following the vote. Bradberry, who previously served as City Council member Post 3, took the oath of office for Mayor. Tunki will serve Post 1, Bob Erramilli will serve Post 3, Chris Coughlin will serve Post 4,  and Larry DiBiase will serve Post 5. Council member Stacy Skinner, who serves Post 2, was sworn in in November following a special election to fill the seat vacated by former Council member Brian Weaver.

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