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Jesus, Guns, and Babies represent our constitutional rights: Gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor


As the Republican Party primaries, slated for May 24, 2022 draw close, the race for the party’s nominee in the state’s gubernatorial election on November 8, 2022, is also heating up. In her exclusive with NRI Pulse, gubernatorial candidate Dr. Kandiss Taylor, who describes herself as the “non-establishment candidate” talks about her views, policies, and plans for Georgia, if elected.

Dr. Taylor is a South Georgia native and has been employed as an educator for 19 years. She has served in a public school system as a 3rd grade teacher, school counselor, testing coordinator, student services coordinator, and homeless liaison. Dr. Taylor is married to Ryan Taylor, and together, they share three school-aged children.

Here’s a transcript of our conversation with Dr. Taylor.

Tell us about yourself and why you chose to run for the highest office in the state.

I decided to run for governor because I felt like I wasn’t represented and the people of Georgia were not being represented. We have a bunch of elitists that are running our state and established politicians and this goes for Republicans and Democrats. They’ve been in there forever. And once they come in even when they’re new, they just fall right in line with this good old boy system. And they don’t represent the people of Georgia. They represent themselves and backroom deals and making money. You can look at the increase of wealth for Governor Kemp. He’s worth $4 million more than he was three and a half years ago when he took office and you can look at Stacey Abrams and the debt that she had, but she’s now worth millions of dollars since she’s been working on this fair fight and all the election suppression issues that she says that we have in Georgia. And then you look at David Perdue and the amount of money that he made after he was a US senator and own insider information and PPE money and investing in Pfizer during a pandemic because he had that information. So we just have to get back to people that go and serve as a public servant and a trustee. That’s what our constitution talks about. We have to get back to that. And I’ve been fighting for abused children all of my life. I’ve spent my career making sure kids have access to the curriculum and to education and academia so they can be successful and they can rise above harsh situations of sexual abuse and physical abuse, a broken family, domestic violence and poverty. And they can rise above that and be anything they want to be. This is America, and they can rise above and chase the American dream and fulfill the destiny that God has for them. And that is what I have done for 19 years. And so I want to go to Atlanta and clean house and get rid of people who don’t really represent the people and protect our freedom. We want to be free. We don’t want to live in communism. That’s why America is the greatest land that’s ever been because we’re free. And we have to have people in there who actually protect that and quit protecting their own financial situation and their own personal agenda. We have to protect the people of Georgia.

Can you elaborate on your tagline – Jesus, Guns and babies – Morality over money.

I was speaking at an event, and I had like five minutes to get my message out. I was just talking, and I said, you know, I believe in everything you believe in, I believe in Jesus guns and babies. And it just kind of came out and the crowd loved it. And for me, I worship Jesus. It’s my first amendment right to worship who I choose, it’s your first amendment right to worship whoever you choose, whoever God is to you, whoever you say is a supreme being. That’s your choice. That is why the First Amendment right is so important. And our Second Amendment right is our right to bear arms and to better protect ourselves personally, from criminals and from a tyrannical government. And the reason why America is free, is not just because of the military, it’s because the American people are fully armed, and we will protect ourselves. We will not allow invaders to come in on our soil and do anything to hurt us. We will defend ourselves every single time and they know that and that makes them reluctant, hesitant and think twice before they try to come over here. And I say babies because abortion is the genocide of our town. We have killed millions and millions of babies. There are more black babies aborted in New York City than are born. And in Georgia, the percent of abortions are 70% black babies. We are killing our children and that is ridiculous. That has to stop. We’re not God. And the Constitution says that we have the right to pursue happiness. Well that baby is a human being that has no rights. And if you abort them, they don’t have the right to pursue happiness, which is unconstitutional. So basically, Jesus, Guns and Babies represents the constitutional rights that we have, that our forefathers gave us.

And then morality over money is something the Lord told me– whenever I was going to run for governor– we’re going to put morality first. We are in the Bible Belt. We are very conservative, and we’re going to put morality over money. So, whether you believe in the Bible, you live the Christian life or you believe in whatever you believe in, it doesn’t matter. Your moral code and what’s right and wrong, and good and evil (matters). We have to protect goodness. This transgender push on our children; immorality being shoved down the throats of our young, it’s not okay. And we have to protect the innocent. And that means morality first.

Speaking of morality, what do you think is the biggest moral failure in society today?

Perversion. Sexual perversion, and pushing transgenderism on our children. It is an identity issue as is mental illness– when you don’t know who you are as a human being. And they are glamorizing that and they’re making that look acceptable, and they say it’s a healthy alternative. It’s not healthy. 50% of people who go through sex change surgery commit suicide. I don’t mean they attempt– 97% attempt. I mean, they complete it, they kill themselves. You cannot argue with those statistics and you can’t lie and say this is a healthy alternative. It’s not and then we have pedophilia, which is a whole other issue and human sex trafficking, which is the number one issue in Georgia for the number of children and women and young boys that are trafficked. And so, the sexual perversion that’s going on in our state has to stop and when I’m talking about morality, that’s what I’m talking about.

If elected, what are your top three priorities for the state of Georgia?

In the state of Georgia, we have 159 counties. I’ve listened to the people. They want prison reform. Our prison system is falling apart with correctional officers being stabbed every single day. We have EMS being killed, gangs are running our prison, it’s falling apart. It’s overcrowded, and we have more people incarcerated on parole and probation than any other state. So, when we have prison reform, it’s not just going to be in the prison system and how it functions. It’s going to be a judicial reform too. It will go hand in hand with mental health reform and the opioid crisis in America. Georgia has more people that have died from fentanyl overdose than they have from COVID. And so, it’s going to be tied to mental health reform. I have a PhD in counseling, so mental health, there’s near and dear to my heart. But all of these things go together and also into medical marijuana, and what that would look like to help treat the opioid crisis.

We have 700,000 army vets, military vets, marine vets in Georgia. We have more than any other state, and they have something except for PTSD and other issues that we need to address.

And so all of these things go hand in hand. And that’s one huge issue we’re going to fix and it’s a humanitarian issue. It’s an issue that most Republicans don’t talk about, but we’re going to deal with it and we’re going to deal with our illegal immigration issue, and the number of undocumented minors and unaccompanied minors that are being thrown into our state and dropped off here and the hardship it is going to cause in our communities. We are going to deal with that and we will secure the borders of Georgia.

We are going to protect our way of life first; we’re going to put Georgia first. So that’s going to be a huge initiative, but I am also going to work on making sure we get to paper ballots, but then recognition and photo ID and watermark to ensure that our basic accounting of our elections is foolproof. There’s no reason why we wouldn’t have every fair legal vote count one time and total transparency and total accountability to our election system. This has been altered and messed with and largely manipulated for two decades that I know about, since 2002. And we implemented electronic voting and we must get that secure and I’m going to make sure that that is done.

And then people want to get rid of income tax, and I’m a fan of getting rid of income tax. Obviously, I’m a working-class educator, me and my husband both. But I want to ensure that property taxes aren’t going to skyrocket. If we get rid of income tax. I don’t want to punish people that own a home. And so we got to get some economists around the table and look at how that’s going to impact Georgia and what we’re going to do to ensure that we don’t mess up our economy by making that shift. But there are so many things that need to happen that should have already happened that have not, like the prison reform will help with crime, we’ve got to address the crime and big cities as well. And then of course, education is at the forefront of my mind because the governor’s budget is almost 70% education.

We have two bills, House Bill 999 and House Bill 60, which are aimed at giving families the choice of where to send their kids to school, that moved forward in house committees. It is also gained a lot of criticism. What are your thoughts about education policies in general, and these bills in particular?

I looked at both of those, and they both have some issues, and they both were not great bills, actually. As far as the autonomy to choose, and if you want to homeschool or you want to do private school, I feel like the money should follow the child and I feel like that should be your right to do that. And it should be your choice. There’s always going to be a price for public school and I don’t know what it would look like for the money to shift and for it to move. And those are things that the economists and the experts in the field have to sit around the table and look at the numbers to see what we would do. But ultimately, public schools are always going to have a place – that’s the job of the state to educate our populace. And in Georgia, we’ve had common core that’s come into our school system and it’s dumbed down our children is dumbed down our education system and has taught them a backwards way of doing math and doing other things that have really inhibited them from being able to progress and move to their full potential. And I know because I have two teenagers that have struggled through common core. It has been ridiculous. Common core is still rooted in Georgia Standards of Excellence. I want to do away with it completely. I want to take them to the top. You set expectations and children will meet those expectations. And then we’ll take care of our special needs’ population. Of course, we always are going to do that. But we need to take it to the top and we need to push them through academically – that’s the job of the school system. We’re going to do that. What’s not the job of the school system is pushing social emotional learning that teaches communism and pushes transgenderism on children or CRT which is critical race theory, which pushes oppression and teaches children that they are less than and it kills the fight for the American dream and just creates racism.

Or comprehensive sex education that teaches sexual perversion to children and teaches children to self-pleasure at the age of five years old, is demonic, is evil. And it has no place in schools anywhere, but it will not happen in Georgia. I’ve heard it said by the State Department that that curriculum is a local decision. Well, it is, but we’re talking about morality. We’re not talking about curriculum. We’re talking about oppression and communism and sexual perversion. We’re talking about morality. And so there’s a code of ethics for educators. Educators, have to be able to pass tests and get certified to teach and to be able to be a principal or administrator. And then they have to adhere to a code of ethics. And if they violate the code of ethics, they can be sanctioned and they can even lose their certificate and now they’re teaching. So if a teacher is called teaching these things that are immoral to our children, you sanction them for 90 days, they don’t get the work, they don’t get paid. They have a mortgage, they have a car payment that will shut their mouth. It’s not hard to fix. It’s a morality issue, and we are going to fix it very quickly when I’m the governor of Georgia.

Governor Kemp is quite popular and Perdue has President Trump’s endorsement. What has been your experience as far response to your campaign so far – what do you think are your chances at the primary?

I think there’ll be me and Governor Kemp in a runoff. For sure. We have our grassroots movement, which has been phenomenal. We’re growing every single day. The people of Georgia want to be represented by someone like them. They’re sick of the backroom deals and they are sick of the little boy system. They’ve had enough of it, and they don’t want it. I call Purdue and Kemp twin RINO (Republican in Name Only) s. They’re the same exact person, they’re the same. They’re best buddies, and they’re going to represent themselves and their bank accounts, and not going to represent the people of Georgia. I have watched people get so passionate and so excited, to have hope that they’re actually going to have their voice heard and that someone’s going to actually go in and care about issues that affect our families, and not just go in and make backroom deals about the ports or big tech or big pharma, or big corporations or real estate, but that they’re actually going to go in, and they are going to  care about them and be a trustee and a public servant for them. And I think that after 2020, and we watched our whole entire state be hijacked, and us watching these ballots being pulled out and re scanned and all the things. When you see the 2000 Meal movie, you are going to be appalled. And if you don’t believe there was fraud in the election, you’re going to have irrefutable proof that there was fraud. The Governor didn’t do anything to show the Georgia people that he was going to stick up for us. And David Perdue didn’t do anything either. We are not going to have a Purdue dynasty in Georgia. We’re going to get normal people to go serve and come home. They don’t get to stay forever and ever and have all the power and the control. The power belongs to the people, and it’s going back to the people.

Census data shows that Georgia, has seen a dramatic boom in ethnic and racial diversity in the last decade and will continue to grow. How do you think diversity has and will affect the growth of Georgia.

We are a land of immigrants. That’s what we are. And immigration is a beautiful thing. It’s a wonderful thing. I wouldn’t be here if America wasn’t founded, and immigration happened. And we made a faster way to citizenship. It’s very complicated in our country. And I know that because I had a student from South Korea that lived with me for two years, when she was in high school and she still she’s been here in this country for 15 years and she can’t get her citizenship. But she’s a teacher and she’s paying taxes and she has children, but can’t get her citizenship – it is ridiculous. But also at the same token, we have to secure our border. We can’t have criminals coming over here. And we can’t have people that don’t have jobs or establishment come here and be dumped on us for health care, for shelter and for food. We can’t do that. We were going in debt every single day. Our national debt is sky high. And as Georgians. we can’t allow this to happen. I welcome anyone who wants to come to our state, the people of different cultures, be it Asian population or the Latino population. I’ve been all over the state with different people, including Native Americans. We are conservative. It’s not about what color our skin is and how much pigment we have in our skin. This is about us being moral and us caring about our children and our family, and as being Americans, we want to be free. We came here because we wanted to be free. It’s all about freedom. And we have to get away from all of these social issues. Whether we agree or disagree about that, right now we’re in this place of communism versus a constitutional republic. And we’re in this place of communism, complete control of government, or freedom. And what you want is good versus evil, right versus wrong. It’s not Republican versus Democrat, it is us versus the establishment.

Why should the people of Georgia work for you to be their governor?

I want the people of Georgia to vote for who represents them the best. I want you to research every candidate. I want you to look at every one of us. And I want you to choose who represents you the best. I’m not going to ask you for your vote. I would love to have your support. I need grassroots support and I need door knockers, money, and donations. Please visit and you can check me out and decide if I’m the one that’s a good fit for you. And we have to choose the person that we best align with that we think is honest, and that will go and be that way. You have to look at that for each individual person running and you have to make that choice for yourself. And I would say I would challenge you to look at your morality and look at the person’s morality of who is running for office and what their past behavior has been because your past behavior is the best predictor of your future performance.

*NRI Pulse does not endorse political candidates.

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