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This is the time of an epochal transformation: Consul General Babu commemorates India’s 75th Republic Day


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Atlanta, GA, February 23, 2024: On the heels of a highly successful Pran Pratishta of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, India basked in the glory of another milestone celebration – its 75th Republic day!

Consul General of India, Atlanta commemorated the momentous occasion with a grand reception on January 26, 2024 at the Sandy Springs City Hall. The event featured Congressman Dr. Rich McCormick. Georgia State Senators, Representatives, commissioners, consular corps, leaders from various sectors, representatives from chambers of commerce, academia, media, and the vibrant community.  Earlier in the day, a traditional Flag hoisting ceremony was held at the Consulate office.


“This is the time of an epochal transformation,” Hon. L. Ramesh Babu, Consul General of India, Atlanta remarked in his welcome address. Noting that India’s destiny is being shaped by inclusive participation, he underscored the significance of Republic Day and expressed gratitude to military personnel while highlighting India’s emergence as a voice of global conscience.

Republic Day marks the adoption of India’s constitution and the country’s transition to a republic on January 26, 1950. While Indian Independence dawned on the 15th of August 1947, India was deprived of any constitution of its own. On 29 August 1947, a resolution was passed to hire the drafting committee, headed by Dr BR Ambedkar as Chairman to shape an unbiased constitution. On 26 January 1950, the Indian charter came into impact. 26 January was chosen as the date considering the fact that in 1930, on the same date, Purna Swaraj, the statement of Indian Independence was signified by the Indian National Congress.

“Let us also express our gratitude to the men and women in uniform who safeguard our borders and ensure the safety and security of our nation. The sacrifice and dedication deserve utmost respect,” Mr. Babu said. Highlighting India’s achievements in the past year, he drew attention to India leading a highly successful G20 summit. “The successful organizing of G20 Summit in Delhi, under India’s presidency was a great achievement. It also boosted India’s emergence as global voice, adding a necessary element to the international discourse,” he said.

Mr. Babu also underlined India’s progress in gender equality reflected in Parliament’s passing of the Women’s Reservation Bill. “It was also the year India went to the moon becoming the first to land on the lunar south pole region. This program is aimed at expanding and deepening the role of science and technology for the benefit of all the humanity. “ Mr. Babu also emphasized on India’s surgence with confidence that stems from a “robust” economy.

Underscoring the strategic importance of the India-US partnership, he cited shared democratic values and economic complementarity. “India and the US partnership is one of the most important and defining relationships of the century.  India and the  United States enjoy a comprehensive global strategic partnership, covering almost all areas of human endeavors, driven by shared democratic value, convergence of interests and range of issues and vibrant People to People contact…. As we navigate through the complexities of 20th century, this partnership stands as a beacon of collaboration and cooperation in addressing global challenges. economic ties between India and the US.”

Highlighting the State Dinner hosted by President Biden to PM Modi, Mr. Babu said the visit was “not only significant in terms of the optics but also contents of the decision reflected in the robust joint statement issued after the meeting.”

Congressman McCormick, who, as part of the American Congressional delegation visited India talked about his experience. “I wanted to experience it firsthand as a congressman and somebody who could reach out and actually have lunch with Prime Minister Modi, and hear about how he didn’t respect anybody in politics unless they take the train from north to south or soften or coach, by the way, and experience the entirety of India, which is almost as diverse as the United States itself, in culture and background in the way that we look at life. And yet they’ve been able to join these people – it doesn’t matter if you’re Muslim, or Hindu or Christian, but they’ve been able to succeed as these people. And they’ve been able to get closer to the United States over time.”

He also discussed the strategic importance of the US-India relationship, emphasizing shared values and the need for closer ties. He also highlighted his bill on immigration reform, which aims to create a more efficient pathway to citizenship for highly skilled workers from India and other countries. The Bill, he said will help strengthen the US economy and foster greater cooperation between the two nations.” I just submitted a bill that’s going to reform immigration in the future,” he said.

“If you think about the diversity of people just from the Indian diaspora, all the communities that are represented here you have doctors lawyers, businessman, the IT people. Just the spirit of unity something that we celebrate, something special when you gain your independence, and you have those opportunities that the Constitution affects you. The amazing things India is doing right now, like the fact that they’re coming up with new industries, expanding their economies, they’re going to  be the third largest economy within the next five years. To watch the 1.4 7 billion people grabbing hold and creating vaccinations and making it to the dark Side of the moon and doing all these amazing things to establish who they are as a people but also with the Indian diaspora are doing here in America, literally leading us in the future in technology, industry, and also politics. You have guys running for President of the United States, you’re going to see more and more politicians. We are going to see more leaders. We’re seeing more and more communities come out and actually make an impact right here in America. And I’m excited about that,” Congressman McCormick told NRI Pulse. He applauded Mr. Ramesh Babu and said he will be “phenomenal.”

Anchored by Ayshwarya Sridharan, the event also featured dance performances by acclaimed dance academies across Atlanta. Students of Deeksha School Of Performing Arts, Bharatakala Naatya Academy and Nritya Natya Kala Bharti, under the guidance of their gurus Anupa  Thakurta, Subathra Sudarshan and Kumud Savla, along with Odisha Society of America presented spectacular cultural presentations brimming in patriotic fervor and reflective of a vibrant and diverse India.

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