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Jain Center of Southern California honors Padma Bhushan 2020 awardee Dr. Jagdish Sheth

Atlanta, GA, March 5, 2020: Jain Center of Southern California, in an event sponsored by Sarva Mangal Family Trust, honored Padma Bhushan 2020 Awardee Dr. Jagdish Sheth. Over 250 people attended the event including the Mayor of Cerritos – Naresh Solanki, Padma Shri Ganpat Patel, President of JCSC – Dr. Jayesh Shah, President of JAINA – Mahesh Wadher, and Director of ACC – Dr. Nitin Shah.

Dr. Sheth is the Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing at Emory University. His column, Jag’s Thoughts, regularly appear in NRI Pulse.

Dr. Sheth gave a riveting talk based on his book Chindia Rising, wherein he expounded on a changing world order, with India and China emerging as the new global powers. He attributed a variety of reasons to this transition, some of the most important out of all were: 1) aging population of the previous global powers, 2) the collapse of communism, 3) the rise of social media and 4) the advent of Modi-Trump-Xi and their unique leadership styles.

“The largest nation in the world today is no longer China with over 1.4 billion people, or India with 1.3 billion people. It’s called Facebook with over 2.3 billion users.” With such ingenious and thought-provoking observations, Dr. Sheth simplified the most complex geopolitical events for his audiences.

Finally, Dr. Sheth remarked on the optimism he sees for India, whether in terms of the growing soft power, or the increasingly influential Indian diaspora. He asserted that the entrepreneurial nature of Indians can be easily confirmed with the rising Indian origin CEOs of western MNCs.

Dr. Sheth concluded his talk with a list of recommendations for India Inc. to adopt in order to gain its rightful place in the world.

The event started with high tea and snacks sponsored by Sarva Mangal Family Trust (SMFT).

Mahesh Wadher spoke as President of JAINA and ACC. Professor Nirmal Sethia gave tribute to Padma Bhushan Jagdish Sheth. Madhuben Sheth was also honored with a shawl by Rika Shah.

Mayor Naresh Solanki gave City’s Proclamation and plaques were presented by JCSC President Dr. Jayesh Shah, JAINA’s President Mahesh Wadher and ACC’s Director Dr. Nitin Shah. IASH (Indo American

Senior Heritage) President Jagdish Purohit also honored Dr. Jagdish Sheth with a shawl.

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