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Indian woman arrested for child abduction

New York, July 11 (IANS) An Indian woman was arrested when she arrived at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport eight years after she apparently forcibly took her son away to India and brought him back again.

Drew Dees, now 10, was reunited Wednesday with his father, Dean James Drees, at the airport in the state of Texas eight years after he left the US with his mother, McKinney Courier-Gazette reported Thursday.

Police said Drew was two years old in December 2006 when Padmashini “kidnapped” him and the abduction was reported Jan 10, 2007. Police then issued an arrest warrant against Padmashini for interference with the child’s custody.

The case remained open and when police learned she planned to return to the US with her son, they traced her at the airport.

Padmashini Drees is in the Collin county jail on a $10,000 bail, the report said. Her jail record lists Dean James Drees as her ex-husband.

She was charged with breaking the child custody law.

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