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"Hrithik is going to extreme measures to tarnish name of Kangana"

Mumbai, April 21 (IANS) Actor Hrithik Roshan and his lawyers, who have decided to break their silence over the ongoing legal battle with his “Krrish 3” co-star Kangana Ranaut, have said they are committed to bring out the truth and are not interested in fighting with the actress.

Giving out a counter statement against Kangana’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee’s recent statement, Hrithik’s lawyer told IANS: “Instead of issuing new statements everyday that are about fighting, being strong and a sense of bravado, we request them to adopt a more sensible approach. Let’s begin the process of law. Cyber crime has repeatedly requested them to record their statement at the place of their convenience. What is their problem in that?”

“It’s not about who is a better fighter here. It’s about who is speaking the truth… We are committed to bring the truth out. We are not interested in fighting with Kangana Ranaut,” the lawyer added.

Hrithik has already submitted his side of story to the cyber crime department.

Kangana’s lawyer Siddiquee on Tuesday sent out a statement that Hrithik and his PR team are going to extreme measures to tarnish the name of his client Kangana.

Siddiquee stated that “Mr. Hrithik Roshan and his PR team are going to extreme measures to tarnish the name and image of my client Ms. Kangana Ranaut in all possible ways, only in an effort to pressurize her and get her to surrender.”

“However, Mr. Hrithik Roshan has to fully realize that my client will never retreat nor surrender, or ever succumb to any pressure. Mr. Hrithik Roshan also needs to fully understand that he cannot morally, ethically or legally stop my client from exercising her rights to obtain the copy of the FIR. Therefore, by planting false and misleading stories in the media that my client is not co-operating with the police shall not help in any way,” he added.

Rizwan’s statement further read: “Till date, we have been following the procedures of law in all respects and shall continue to do so. Mr. Hrithik Roshan knows fully well that Section 160 of CRPC intends to protect the privacy of a woman, and therefore she cannot be summoned to the police station as a witness to record her statement.

“Despite knowing the provisions of law, yet he and his PR team are immorally and unethically spreading stories to the media to ensure that the media is always present around the venue, where my client is scheduled to record her statements.

“These acts coupled with the acts of showing my client’s private emails to the media, only prove his thought process. In any event, he had waited for almost two years without bothering about any imposter so far, and his fight was only to do with my client’s remark about a “silly-ex” why has he abandoned that fight, has he surrendered, or does he not have any answers to my counter notice?”

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