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Gujarati Literary Society of USA’s Evening with Writers

Book inauguration written by Shobit Desai: L to R – Sanjay Pandya ,Mustafa Ajmeri , Shobhit Desai, Nimish Sevak, Dr.Prakash Desai, Nitin Shah, ,Jatin Shah, Kajal Oza-Vaidya, Dr. Dhaval Shah.


Atlanta, GA: Gujarati Literary Society of USA’s maiden event “Shabd ane Kavitani Anokhi Jugalbandhi: Kajal Oza Vaidya and Shobhit Desai Sathe (A unique literary journey of a prose writer Kajal Oza Vaidya and a poet Shobhit Desai)” took place on June 17, 2017 at Lucky Shoals Park Community Center on a hot Atlanta evening. Atlantans fond of literature, overwhelmingly welcome such effort by this new organization.

During social hour, Marco’s hot pizza and cold drinks were enjoyed by the literature loving community of Atlanta.

On behalf of Gujarati Literary Society of USA Shri Nimishbhai Sevak welcomed everyone and explained the need and objective of this new organization. Dr. Dhaval Shah who runs http://layastaro. com introduced Kajal as a superstar of Gujarati literature. Elaborating on it Dr. Shah said Kajal Oza Vaidya has worked on all forms of writing with remarkable ease,  be it novels, TV serials or film scripts!

Dr. Prakash Desai, a noted pediatrician of Atlanta, introduced Shobhit Desai as a close friend for the past 24 years! He hailed Shobhit Desai’s understanding of Urdu poetry, and Ghalib in particular.

Two collection of poems by Shobhit Desai namely “Andharani Barakhadi” and “Hava Par Nam lakhi shakay” were inaugurated by Nitin Shah, chairman of Embassy National Bank and a close friend of Shobhit Desai.

Kajal talked about her literary journey: from a decision not to write to almost 56 volumes of her works! Talking about some of her famous works for about an hour, she gave glimpses of what made her to write.  She gave a very rare and vivid explanation about her writing to all her readers!

Shobhit Desai started his speech with the recitation of three of his poems and then jumped into the lighter side of literature. Along with his commitment to poetry, he felt compelled to talk about famous Gujarati humorist late Jyotindra Dave. Narrating some incidents of Jyotindrabhi’s life, he made the audience laugh their hearts out!

The office bearers of GCANA, the Vaishnav Samaj and Ambaji USA / Shri Shakti Mandir encouraged Gujarati Literary Society of USA’s efforts by remaining present and encouraging their efforts.

The cultural ambassador of Atlanta Mustafa Ajmeri thanked all literature loving people who were present, speakers and volunteers of the event. The Gujarati Literary Society of USA consists of Chirag Thakkar, Jatin Shah, Nimesh Sevak, Mustafa Ajmeri and Sanjay Pandya.

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