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Getting chatty with meow chat

New York, July 31 (IANS) A new chat app is on the prowl, stalking users on social networks like a cat.

Meow chat is an instant messaging app that has got a relaunch with new, popular features.

In the last few days, Facebook users have started sharing invitations to join meow chat. The app with features from current messaging and dating apps lets you engage with other meow users in a new, random and fun way.

The first feature is the one-on-one messaging to share text, images and audio.

Meow also has a match-making system that allows you to browse other users and connect with strangers anywhere on the globe.

The app suggests to you people that it feels you are compatible with.

Meow also has a third trick up its sleeve, a random group chat with someone from anywhere around the world.

When you set up the app, a pop up asks you to connect via Facebook. “Meow is more fun with friends and it expands your network”, it says.

So if you want to get catty with random strangers, while sending messages to your friends, get Meow.

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