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Georgia girls win big laurels at Ms India USA national pageant

Atlanta, GA, March 14, 2019: Two Georgia girls, earlier winners of the IACA Miss India pageant, made it to the top three at the 37th annual Miss India USA organized by New York-based India Festival Committee in New Jersey in February.

Aishwarya Vallem and Tanvi Gujral were declared first and second runner ups in the Teen India USA category. Two other Georgia girls won important titles. Sunanda Dhar was crowed Mrs Congeniality India USA. Rozy Malik Balwani won the Most Beautiful Eyes title.

Seven Winners of the IACA Miss/ Teen and Mrs Georgia Pageant 2018 participated in the pageant. It was a tough competition amongst 75 contestants, but the Georgia winners made their way to the top with grace, confidence and poise.

The contestants were trained and guided by a dedicated team of volunteers: Kiran Agnihotri, Sonjukta Halder, Dr Lakshmi Rao and Shally Venkatesh.


Aishwarya Vallem was the First Runner Up, Miss Teen India GA 2018, Miss Popularity and Miss Beautiful Eyes. She is a sophomore at Johns Creek High School and hopes to become a doctor. She is a trained singer in both classical Indian and Western music. She is a huge supporter of early childhood education for girls. She mentors and encourages girls to enter STEM careers. Aishwarya has recently started her YouTube Chanel called Aishwarya V.

Tanvi Kaur Gujral is Miss Teen GA 2018, Miss Personality GA and Miss Congeniality GA. A sophomore at Lambert High School, she is working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Kathak Dance. She plans to join the Medical profession. She volunteers at a nursing home, helping patients suffering from dementia. 

Sunanda Dhar was the top five winner at the IACA Pageant in the Mrs Category. A mother of two young children, Sunanda is also a certified Montessori teacher, shaping young minds.

She loves dancing and has combined it with her fitness goals. She has choreographed serval shows and has also started a zumba group. Her goal is to start her own elementary school one day.

Rozy Malik Balwani, a finalist in the IACA Miss India pageant is an ambitious young girl pursing a degree in marketing while also working full time. Rozy is also a professional model having done many shows for many local designers and makeup artists. Her passions include dancing and cooking. She hopes to open her own gourmet restaurant one day. 

The other IACA Miss/Teen/Mrs winners who participated in the pageant were Jiya Malbari, Sarika Datta and Rati Sarkar.

Jiya Malbari, the Second Runner Up, Miss Teen India GA 2018, is currently a Sophmore at Peachtree Ridge High School. She actively volunteers at the Humane Society helping foster animals who can’t be adopted right away. She is also a Youth Ambassador of the Himalayan Children Charities, an organization that sponsors orphaned children in Nepal. Her future plan is to become a psychiatrist to follow her passion of helping others.

Sarika Datta was crowned Mrs. India Georgia USA 2018 and Mrs. Congeniality 2018. 

Sarika who won her first beauty pageant at the age of 17 in India is also the founder & president of Jijivisha World Inc. that stands for animal rights and promotes a vegan lifestyle. Sarika has earned three master’s degrees, majoring in business economics, commerce, and business management. She is a certified esthetician too. She brings thirteen years of experience in teaching at colleges and universities, and, as a head-hunter in an executive search.

Rati Sarkar was crowned Miss India GA 2018, and Beat Talent at the IACA Pageant. She is sophomore in college majoring in Public Health. Upon completion Rati hope to work at CDC .A lover of classical Indian performing arts, Rati is a professional Bharatnatyam dancer. She has also learned other dance forms and has performed in several shows. Her motto in life is, “You never know until you try”.

Kim Kumari from New Jersey was crowned Miss India USA 2019 and Vidhi Dave of Connecticut as Mrs. India USA at the national pageant. Esha Kode from New Jersey was crowned Miss Teen India USA.

Aishwarya Vallem and Tanvi Gujral.

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