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COVID-19 patient flew from Austin to Bengaluru via NY, Dubai

New Delhi, March 9 (IANS) One case of a resident of Bengaluru, who traveled from USA to India, has been found to be positive for coronavirus on Monday and his long travel history only shows that hundreds may have been infected on the way.

The Bengaluru resident was found to be positive which was confirmed by the Department of Health and Public Service, Bengaluru.

The coronavirus-infected persons while travelling from one continent to the other seem to be transmitting the virus to hundreds of other people.

Consider the case of the patient found in Bangalore and his travel path that cuts across several countries. On February 28, the patient went from Austin to New York in the US. The next day, February 29, the patient went from New York to Dubai.

From there, the patient landed in Bengaluru on March 1 but it was only three days later on March 4, that the patient started displaying symptoms. On March 5, he was admitted to a private hospital and on March 9, the medical reports confirmed COVID-19 infection.

Similar cases are being reported all over of infected coronavirus patients with a long travel history before the symptoms show up.

In the case of a patient in Delhi, the Health Ministry had to carry out a trace check of 66 persons who may possibly have come in contact with the infected person while in the case of a patient in Telangana, it was much higher at 88 trace points.

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