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A conversation with Johns Creek City Council candidate Rashmi Singh


Atlanta, GA, September 17, 2021: “If elected, I will be the first Indian American woman in the state of Georgia to have won any elected office, ever,” stated Rashmi Singh in her exclusive with NRI Pulse. Singh is running for Johns Creek City Council, Post 2. The General and Special Election is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021 for Council Seats of Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, Post 5, and the Mayoral Post.

A technology leader and consultant by profession, Singh is a wife and mother of three, which includes a special needs child. She is also a domestic abuse survivor who has strived to survive and make her mark in the world. Singh lives with her family in Johns Creek and serves as a Board member for her HOA, as a landscape committee chair.

“I was in a domestic abusive situation. At that point I had two young children. So, I had to figure out a way to extract myself and my children because that was not an ideal environment for me and them,” said Singh who went to obtain a master’s in information science and landed a job in the technology sector. “I’ve had multiple leadership positions, and I’ve learned a lot,” notes Singh.

Addressing challenges of raising a special needs child, Singh notes the need for advocacy in all walks, and schools, in particular.  “There’s advocating that’s required for a special needs child, you have to figure out a number of things that you don’t for others. I’ve successfully done it, and he now advocates for himself,” Singh said, adding that her now 16-year-old is also her current campaign manager.

“Johns Creek is a beautiful diverse city and I want to continue to move it forward, but we need strong leadership to do so. I want to contribute and give back to the community I have lived in. I have life experiences which are different than others, and that gives me a better understanding of a number of things. Add to that my work experience, and it gives me a background where I’m able to do certain things that maybe others cannot,” says Rashmi Singh about her reason for running for office.

With a motto to figure it out and get it done all through her life, be it her domestic abuse situation or a child with disabilities, or tech job experience including strategy, planning and implementation, Singh says she will figure out a collective path forward and get it done, including hearing from diverse voices.

What are her priorities for the city?  Improving the quality of life and safety for every resident, boosting economic development in the city, and bringing transparency to the office.

Highlighting the Town Center plan, twenty years in the making, Singh says it is crucial for the next town council to prioritize a 2021 master plan. The town center, she notes provides a centralized area where citizens can gather together as a community and host events as well as provide opportunities for economic growth. Singh is also keen on ensuring the city has good sidewalks, a Parks and Rec Department, all of which contribute to improving quality of life. As a survivor of domestic violence, safety and security are important, notes Singh. Acknowledging that Johns Creek is a safe place to live, Singh stresses the importance to continue to fund city departments that keep the city safe and support programs that protect officers as well as residents regardless of mental capacity, skin color, religion, gender identity, or sexual preference.

“This pandemic has impacted small businesses. Many of them have lost revenue and not able to find workers,” observed Singh adding that having a Chamber of Commerce helps, their fee anywhere from $500 upwards might be a challenge and a hardship for some businesses, especially if they’re suffering.

“We’ve got to come up with ideas about how to provide a boost to the businesses,” Rashmi noted. To sustain long term growth, Singh underlined the importance of investing in physical and green infrastructure and supporting local businesses.

“It is very important to know where the tax dollars are being spent, and some of it is easy information to find, some of it is not so,” said Singh adding that she is keen on looking into the groundwork that can be laid down for all citizens to see how their tax dollars are being spent after evaluation and thorough due diligence. The process, Singh said should be transparent, with checks and balances where the data is available to residents and there is no hint of impropriety.

What is Singh’s favorite part about living in Johns Creek? The welcoming community, diversity, schools, restaurants that cater to all palettes she notes appeal to her family the most.

“Lack of collaboration sometimes seems to be impeding progress,” notes Singh about the challenges of the city. Despite bureaucracy, Singh says efficient and effective governance can help move things forward quickly. While some things require more thorough evaluation and due diligence and require time for understanding, Singh says it is necessary to come up with ways to move things forward.

“One of the reasons Johns Creek is such a great place to live, is because it’s so diverse,” said Singh in response to the impact of diversity in Johns Creek. Different ideas, opinions from different backgrounds and voices, Singh said is a very healthy, enriching and helps everyone grow, be it at a school or the city council.
“This is a disease that requires the whole community to participate,” said Singh about COVID, urging people to get vaccinated. “Vaccination and masks play an important role in it, and provides an added layer of prevention and protection for all of us.”

“I do believe that in local government, there is not enough representation of a diverse voice, and a diverse opinion. And I think that is needed because we as women do approach things differently. Women are better multitaskers. We bring just a whole wealth of knowledge, experience and perspective with us,” noted Singh about what a woman in a leadership position brings to the table.

“I’m asking everyone to support a minority candidate like me. Because if minority communities don’t go out and vote, a minority candidate like me cannot win.

I want to win this election because I will be the first Indian American woman in the state of Georgia to have won any elected office,” said Singh in response to the question about why people of Johns Creek should vote for her. “We can all agree that we need strong and effective leadership. I have held various leadership positions, worked in strategy and implementation planning. I have the work experience the life experience, and the community service experience. I want to serve and contribute. I do believe that we are the stewards for the city, and we need to leave the city better for our children. We all have a common goal, and the common goal is to have effective and efficient patient governance. I have the right skill set, the right attitude, I have the right attitude, and we can go ahead and make this happen. I of course want the support of everyone in the community, but I’m specifically asking the minority communities to go out and vote. You can vote in a number of ways – absentee ballot, early voting, and you can vote on November 2nd. Municipal elections typically have a low turnout rate, and that impacts someone like me who’s running. I am hoping you all will go out and vote. Any questions on anything you know you can find my webpage and contact me that way. I hope you all go out and vote and vote for me.”

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