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Congressman Rich McCormick introduces the Immigration Visa Efficiency and Security Act

Atlanta, GA, December 8, 2023: Congressman Rich McCormick has introduced the Immigration Visa Efficiency and Security Act, a comprehensive bill aimed at modernizing the United States’ immigration laws to enhance fairness, efficiency, and national security. This legislation is set to remove the per-country caps on employment-based green cards, allowing skilled individuals from all nations equal opportunities to contribute to the American economy and society.

The bill also strengthens national security by prohibiting temporary workers from countries with histories of malign activities from working in sensitive industries, thereby safeguarding critical sectors of the U.S. economy.

Additionally, the Immigration Visa Efficiency and Security Act introduces significant reforms to the H-1B visa system to combat fraud, ensuring the program’s integrity and its role in attracting highly skilled professionals.

Congressman McCormick stated, “This legislation is a crucial step towards creating a fair, efficient, and secure immigration system that not only strengthens our economy but also upholds our commitment to national security. By fostering a multicultural working class, we are not only enhancing our economic prowess but also reaffirming America’s status as a land of opportunity for all.”

Aman Kapoor, the Co-Founder and President of Immigration Voice stated, “The Immigration Visa Efficiency and Security Act of 2023 is a win-win for the American people… We are incredibly grateful to Representative McCormick for his leadership and are confident that this will be the year that this bipartisan and noncontroversial bill will finally pass.”

The Immigration Visa Efficiency and Security Act underscores the importance of bipartisan support in Congress to reform America’s immigration system, addressing the needs of the economy, national security, and the diverse fabric of American society.

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