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Choker necklaces, ear cuffs: Jewelry trends of 2017

New Delhi, Jan 23 (IANS) The year 2016 has left with some jewelry trends that will continue to dominate in 2017 and a few new ones that have already started showing signs in this year. From choker necklaces, ear cuffs to new shapes of diamonds like cushion cuts will steal the limelight.

Manju Kothari, creative director of Entice, says that jewellery plays a very important role in the final look that one wants to achieve so one needs to choose as per the trend.

Here are some of the trends that she has listed for 2017.

* Last year we saw the use of many new gemstones – like Paraiba Tourmaline, Tanzanites and some forgotten ones like Lapiz Lazuli and Turquoise. Overall the colour blue ruled in gemstones. With Pantones announcement of ‘Greenery’ as the colour of the year, we are expecting a lot of greens this year like Emeralds, Peridots and Green Tourmalines.

* This year we will see micro trends in the solitaire jewelry section where new shapes of diamonds like asscher, emerald, princess and cushion cuts will be explored for engagement rings, solitaire bangles and thin single line necklaces. Nowadays, diamond jewelry is an integral part of our everyday lives, as women love to wear solitaire ear studs & single line solitaire bangles on a daily basis.

* Choker necklaces are back in fashion from elaborate diamond studded for the weddings to simpler versions from the world of fashion jewellery. Thin strips almost choking the neck to grand ones that fall down with grace as if part of your dress, chokers are back and here to stay.

* Ear cuffs were in a nascent stage in 2016 and would make more appearances this year in all lengths, colors and sizes.

* In the year 2017 colours of gold, rose gold will continue to rule as it suits beautifully with the Indian skin color. And as pink is often the favorite color of many women; it works best for delicate daywear diamond jewellery.

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