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Body found in Loganville Lake: Death ruled a suicide

Alvin Ahmed, 25, was last seen at a Publix pharmacy where he worked.

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Atlanta, GA, August 6, 2018: Gwinnett police has ruled the death of the man whose body was found in Loganville Lake last month a suicide. Circumstantial evidence points to the deceased person being Alvin Ahmed, the UGA grad who went missing after last being seen at the Publix where he interned, according to a press statement released by the Gwinnett County Police Department recently.
“Circumstantial evidence does point to the deceased person being Alvin Ahmed and there is no evidence that suggests the deceased person is someone else.  However, at this point the investigation has not concluded that the deceased person is Alvin Ahmed,” said the statement.
Dental records from Ahmed were not available to compare with the deceased person.  The Medical Examiner’s Office is currently pursuing other avenues to confirm the deceased person’s identity.  Their efforts include reconstituting fingerprints from the deceased person for comparison to prints that likely belong to Mr. Ahmed.  DNA comparison may be used if the fingerprint investigation does not yield results.
The Medical Examiner’s Office has been able to determine that the deceased person found in the lake died as a result of suicide.  There was a gunshot injury to the deceased person’s head which was found to be consistent with suicide during the autopsy.  The nature of the injury and recovered bullet fragments match a gun and ammunition purchased by Ahmed in May 2018.
There is a significant amount of other circumstantial evidence which will not be disclosed at this time, as the case is still under investigation, the statement added.
Gwinnett County Police Department officers responded to a “suspicious activity” call on Lake Carlton (Lake Carlton Road / Bob White Lane), unincorporated Loganville, on July 18 night.  The caller noticed something floating in the water and called 911.  Fire Department personnel responded with officers and used a boat to approach the object.
Ahmed was last seen wearing his Pharmacist coat, a dress shirt, black work pants, and work shoes and was bringing groceries home. Those groceries were still in the car which was found unlocked the next day in the Publix parking lot.
Ahmed’s family initially believed he was abducted. Elder brother Kalvin, through a poignant Facebook post dated August 2, said the family still does not know whether or not the body found weeks ago belongs to Alvin.
“They are trying their best, but I guess these things take time.”
“This has been the toughest 3 weeks of our lives. We hoped for the best but we’re beginning to realize the worst. All we pray for now is closure for Alvin. No matter what happened, he deserved better,” he said.
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