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BeTheYou: Going Global at the Global International Runway

Photos by Anuj Jain

Atlanta, GA, May 31, 2017: Fashion and style seamlessly connect cultures and countries, as seen at a recent Global International Runway show held at the Ballroom at Carlos Center in Atlanta where representatives from around the world walked in harmony on one common runway. The show was organized by CEO of Goodlyfe Designers Calvin Johnson, and emceed by top model ShayTower and actor Tishaun Scott.Atlanta’s BeTheYou was part of this global runway.

 BeTheYou was co-founded by Shaveta Jain and Anuj Jain with a clear vision of creating images of people that they dream of. BeTheYou believes in coaching models to see the beauty in them, imparting confidence and empowering them through enriching stage experiences. It helps models succeed in their school/work/family life by providing them positive and confidence boosting experiences. Also it exposes models to various opportunities in the world of modeling, movies and print/video shoots. BeTheYou models have been successfully making strides in movies, video shoots, pageants and much more. BeTheYou has created a unique one of a kind platform to help boost businesses in the fashion industry as well.  It promotes home based boutiques, big fashion houses, accessory vendors, makeup artists, hair stylists, salons etc and help them receive experience, exposure and portfolio all in one.

 At the Global International Runway show, BeTheYou brought together two Indian runway segments namely Jewels of India and Women of Substance. Gracefully walking the ramp alongside countries such as Mexico,Nicaragua,Caribbean Islands, Europe, East Africa, West Africa and America,India stood out and represented itself as the most cultured segment. Radiating with vibrant colors and shimmering golds Indian segments added a royal touch to the Ballroom.

 The “Jewels of India” segment showcased the traditional diversity in clothing from all overIndia. Models wore a range of outfits- from chooridaars to shararas, gowns to ghararas, and from traditional to contemporary lehngas. The beautiful couture was topped with Nizam’s finest jewels and gemstones. The segment was perfectly synchronized and blended with Sufi music in the background. The fabulous outfits and sparkling jewels for this segment were provided by Designer Madhulika Kumar and Vitha Boutique. The models for this segment were Arisha Captain, Heena Main, Crystal Favorito, Zoha Siddiqui, Saaraa Juddha, Katy Plant, Akshaya Vijaykumar, Sumana Goswami, Sahithi Boddireddy and Anjali Atluru.

 Bringing in a contrast was the Bold and beautiful segment named “Women of Substance”. This segment changed the aura of the event filling the stage with rich vibrant colors of saris in silks, georgettes and chiffons embellished with sequins, pearls and gota pattis. The models draped the saris in contemporary styles to add the western touch. These Indian naaris walking the ramp were much more than just ramp models- they are professional working women and full time mothers. They multi task their jobs, families, social duties and passions. They are perfect role models! The segment was blended with soft Bollywood track that got progressively faster in beat as it hit the finale. The models for this segment were Dona Paul Roy, Anima Das, Somdatta Chatterjee, Pallavi Nahata, Shubhra Singh Chohan, Tina Mir, Nidhi Mishra Bajpai, Sheetal Pandit Correia, and Payal Tyagi.

The segments gracefully showcased the rich cultural heritage ofIndiato a global audience. It changed the audience’s outlook to Indian outfits and instilled a love and appreciation for them. BeTheYou models instantly won over the hearts of all. After showcasing their confidence on the ramp and impressing the audience with their looks, the models were instantly offered a segment by an LA Designer Marvin Bendana – a proud 3 times sponsor of the Miss Universe pageant. BeTheYou models showcased his Californian design pieces on the ramp with a western touch. This was another feather in a cap for BeTheYou!

 BeTheYou’s Shaveta Jain thanked the huge team behind the scenes that helped bring this production together- Sharmila Captain, Dipti Mian and Jay Govindu for all backstage help and coordination, Esada Manjic’s team from Paul Mitchel School of Esani, Bhavna Shah and Annu Marru for glamming up some of the models, Kripa Shah and Tina Cash for helping her get ready for the show. “Special thanks to Mustafa Ajmeri ji for his continued support and encouragement and to Anjali Chabbria of TV Asia for providing us TV coverage,” she added.

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