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American Hindus plan to celebrate 125th anniversary of Vivekananda’s Chicago speech in 100 US cities

Atlanta, GA, September 14, 2018: The United States Hindu Alliance (USHA), a national Hindu advocacy organization, announces Chicago Address 125, a one year 100 city celebration of the 125th anniversary of the historic speech by Swami Vivekananda on September 11, 1893 at the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago.

The parliament was a landmark event in the history of religions. More than 7,000 religious leaders representing various religions, faiths and Dharma traditions from all over the world took part in the event, including the young Swami Vivekananda from India who represented Hindu Dharma. By virtue of his message, that advanced ideas of tolerance, acceptance, harmony and co-existence, he became an instant celebrity within and outside the parliament. According to the Smithsonian Institute, he is one of the 25 most influential leaders who have ever visited the United States.

The launch event took place on September 11, 2018 at the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago, the first Hindu temple of Chicago.

Among the eminent personalities who addressed the audience included 4 senior leaders of the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, the apex body of all the Heads of Hindu monastic orders (Sanyasi Paramparas) of India, representing more than 1.7 million Hindu monks. Poojya Swami Paramatmananda Saraswatiji, General Secretary of the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, Poojya Swami Vishweshwarananda Giriji Maharajji, Poojya Madhavapriya Das Swamiji and Poojya Acharya Shri Krishnamaniji Maharaj addressed the audience. In addition, Poojya Swami Vigyananandaji, Chairman of World Hindu Foundation, Neeta Bhushan, Consul General of India in Chicago, Rajiv Malhotra, author and founder of Infinity Foundation, Poojya Swami Sharananandaji of Chinmaya Mission and Gokul Kunnath, President of USHA spoke at the event.

Chicago Address 125 is a yearlong celebration organized by the United States Hindu Alliance, in partnership with Hindu temples and associations nationwide to promote the message of Swami Vivekananda. Vivekananda emboldened the Hindu spirit by promoting Hindu identity, Hindu unity and Hindu empowerment. He galvanized India’s Hindus to work towards the freedom of India. Apart from its outreach to the Hindu communities across the country, USHA has also decided to strengthen the interfaith movement by promoting the vision inherent in the Chicago address. To achieve this goal, USHA has developed 5 themes that will celebrate Swami Vivekananda’s message to the world.

The five themes are “Inner peace leads to world peace”, “Dialogue leads to reconciliation”, “Mutual respect leads to religious harmony”, “United action leads to preservation of the planet” and  “Freedom leads to diversity”.

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