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The Tripathys- Indian-American family might be coming to TV

The Tripathy family

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Atlanta, GA: An Indian-American family, the Tripathys, might be coming to television, reports Sunny Tripathy, who has been in the news after comedy stints on Last Teen Comic Standing and as Mr India Global, recently signed a development deal with 20th Century Fox to develop a television series based on the Tripathys.

“It will not be a show about curry, turbans, 7-Elevens — whatever stereotypes that are out there. It will be far from that. But you will learn and see things you might be familiar with that are reflective of South Asian identity and culture,” Tripathy told

Tripathy is also the creator of the viral comedy YouTube series, “Keeping Up With the Guptas.”

“The best way to help understand other people’s cultures is by learning to love characters that are within that culture,” he said.

The terms of the development deal were negotiated in May 2014, and a pilot script deal was signed, according to Tripathy.

The characters in the series aren’t just bound by their racial identity — something Tripathy says has stood out and contributed to the series’ success. The family in the series is of South Asian descent, but their racial identity isn’t the main focus of every story, said Tripathy, who hopes to address harder hitting issues while using comedy as a backbone for bringing people together.

Tripathy was once a victim of racial hate crime, and believes laughter and comedy on TV can help people understand other religions, races, sexual orientations and culture.

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