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The story of patan patola


Patola from the area of Patan in North Gujarat glorifies India’s rich and ancient heritage in fine textiles. Patan patola saris are known for their deep colors, designs and durability. The sari has no reverse side. Both sides have equal intensity of color and design.

Backed by its trained designers, weavers and spinners, only three families in Patan make these fine saris today, out of the original 700 families. It takes four to six months to weave one sari which is 5.5 meters long and 48 inches wide.

No computers or power looms are used. Mental calculations, deep concentration, patience, attention and a lot of hard work are the skill sets that make one sari.
The weavers use chemicals to dye for their lower end saris, but also use pure vegetable dyes for patrons .Colors last for over 300 years.
Once worn by royalty, these saris don’t come cheap. The prices begin at Indian Rupees 150,000 and each sari takes a year-and-a-half to two years for delivery. A good patola costs over Indian Rupees 300,000.The most expensive ones are in the (INR) 700,000 range.

Patan Patola saris are a perfect combination of comfort, distinctive design and fine work. The saris are further tested on various quality parameters such as color fastness, anti-shrinkage,tear strength etc.

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