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The sheer elegance of organza


Organza makes its wearer look ethereal.

Silk organza is popularly used in the creation of bridal wear. It is used to embellish the gown by adding frills and laces. It is usually placed as the outer- most layers on the gown or skirt with a more solid textile as the under-layers, as the translucence of organza is perfect for the overall vibe of a wedding.

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As the fabric is so fine and thin, it can snag very easily. Therefore, it essential to make very careful, measured movements when wearing the fabric. On the other hand, since an organza
ball gown has so many layers, it will be almost impossible to see any small rips or tears.

When in the closet, organza should be wrapped in muslin along with moth balls, to protect from insect damage. It should be hand washed in gentle suds.

Organza is also used in A-line or princess wedding dresses which have a slimmer skirt and sometimes do not have a defined break between the bodice and the skirt materials.

Organza is a lightweight fabric that was originally made from silk. The modernized version of the fabric however can be created not only with silk, but also polyester or nylon.

An organza dress can be accessorized with jewelry in precious metal and precious stones.

Diamonds and platinum are especially ideal for the kind of exquisite garments that use organza prominently.

Wear high heel sandals and carry a matching clutch.

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