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Rang Rhythm: A new era of premium, high-end events in Atlanta

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Rang Rhythm, an emerging event management company, is making waves in the entertainment industry with its unique approach to curating unforgettable experiences. Founded by Anil Ballari, a passionate tech executive with a deep-rooted connection to hosting parties and events, Rang Rhythm aims to redefine the concept of premium event management by offering exclusive, high-end celebrations that fuse music and color, bringing together the best of both worlds.

“At Rang Rhythm, we believe in the power of cultural exchange and unity. Our events are thoughtfully designed to showcase the richness and diversity of Indian traditions, art, music, dance, and cuisine, fostering a spirit of inclusivity and joy,” Ballari says.

“With meticulous attention to detail, our team creates immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression. From exuberant festivals to professional corporate gatherings, Rang Rhythm ensures each event is a true celebration of life and colors.”

The genesis of Rang Rhythm

The idea behind Rang Rhythm sprouted from Ballari’s personal history and passion for hosting exceptional events. A tech executive by profession, Ballari’s upbringing in a family that cherished hospitality and festivities laid the foundation for his enthusiasm in creating memorable gatherings. From childhood to college, this passion remained a driving force, ultimately leading to the inception of Rang Rhythm.

Ballari’s extensive experience in orchestrating events, including collaborating with celebrities, and exploring international event management, paved the way for the birth of Rang Rhythm. The company’s vision aligns with delivering premium, high-class celebrations that stand apart from the ordinary.

Unique, luxurious event experiences

Rang Rhythm’s mission revolves around crafting unique and luxurious event experiences that foster a sense of community. The company is committed to offering a blend of premium entertainment, quality dining, and exclusive performances under one ticket, allowing attendees to fully immerse themselves in the festivities without any added expenses.

What sets Rang Rhythm apart from other event management companies is its dedication to catering to the premium and high-end segment of the market. Unlike typical event managers whose focus may be on cost recovery, Rang Rhythm prioritizes excellence, exclusivity, and establishing a name synonymous with top-tier events.

“Our mission is to bridge communities and strengthen bonds by fostering a shared appreciation for Indian culture,” says Ballari. “We warmly welcome people of all backgrounds to join in the festivities, promoting cultural understanding and harmony.”

Inaugural event: End of Summer Party

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Rang Rhythm’s inaugural event, an End of Summer Party, in collaboration with Turnin Point, takes place on August 26th. This summer party, hosted at Turnin Point’s expansive 25,000 sq ft. state-of-the-art facility in Alpharetta, merges the passion for sports and celebration, targeting the Indian community and emphasizing the importance of exclusivity, community and connection.

“Turnin Point is the first of its kind “one stop hi-tech facility located in Johns Creek, GA for multiple sports training (cricket, baseball, golf), fun and recreation and skills development under one roof,” explains Ballari. “

Patrons of Rang Rhythm’s events can expect an intimate and immersive experience, with gathering limited to around 200 guests.

Anil Ballari (second from left) with the Turnin Point team.

Upcoming events

The company’s events offer a complete package, covering entertainment, performances, food, drinks, and more, all encapsulated in a single ticket price. This all-inclusive approach ensures attendees can fully enjoy the event without additional expenditures.

Beyond community gatherings, Rang Rhythm offers tailored corporate event solutions that infuse Indian themes and values into team-building activities, conferences, product launches, and more.

Looking ahead, Rang Rhythm plans to organize a unique blend of Halloween and Diwali celebrations in October. The company also envisions hosting a New Year’s event and venturing into corporate-sponsored events. Notably, Rang Rhythm aims to give back to the community by partnering with nonprofit organizations and donating a portion of event proceeds.

Rang Rhythm’s corporate events include Team-Building Challenges – Interactive Game Zones – Outdoor Adventure Events – Art and Craft Workshops – Diversity and Inclusion Workshops – Corporate Happy Hour-  CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Initiatives and more.

As part of their distinctive approach, Rang Rhythm is embarking on an innovative endeavor to host a corporate event that caters specifically to parents and children with autism. The event aims to provide a safe and supportive space for parents and their autistic children to come together, engage, and have a memorable time. The concept revolves around sensor-friendly playdates, artistic therapy workshops, music and movement classes, and interactive social skills sessions. The carefully curated activities aim to stimulate creativity, foster connection, and offer families a platform to explore shared experiences.

Ticketing and engagement

Acquiring tickets for Rang Rhythm’s events is streamlined through their website, event-specific Zelle payment options, or through EventPrix. Ballari encourages potential attendees to reach out directly through his contact details provided in publicity materials for personalized assistance or inquiries.

A new era of premium celebrations

Rang Rhythm is emerging as a pioneering force in the event management landscape, ushering in a new era of premium and high-class celebrations that cater to the discerning tastes of its audience. With a strong commitment to quality, exclusivity, and community engagement, Rang Rhythm aims to become a name synonymous with top-tier event experiences. As the company continues to plan and execute unique events that blend entertainment and color, the industry and attendees alike are eagerly anticipating the vibrant celebrations that Rang Rhythm promises to deliver. For more information, check out their website at Rang Rhythm.

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