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"Insuring yourself through Visitor Coverage"

Planning a trip abroad, either as a Visitor, student or business traveler? You must have taken care of all the needs and necessities! But, what about the travel or medical insurance, to cover your risk of unforeseen circumstances? Like many others, you too must have overlooked it or are simply confused. Punita Jasrotia Phukan points the importance of Travel Insurance, which should be an integral part of your International Travel and where to look for the details regarding your insurance needs.
What exactly is Visitor/Travel insurance?
It is a short-term health insurance policy that provides medical coverage for illness or injury during travel or stay abroad. Visitors’ medical insurance takes care of your health care expenses like, doctor’s fee, hospital charges, pharmacy, lab tests, and other medical related expenses depending on the kind of plan you avail.
So, Traveling with a good insurance policy is a smart thing to do, especially if you are visiting USA. The average cost of even a simple hospital stay in the US can run into thousands of dollars. The entire medical system in the US is based on insurance and although one will not be denied medical care in an emergency, the patient or their dependents are expected to reimburse the medical care providers. It is wise and necessary to take travel insurance as the consequences can lead to financial devastation.
To know more about Visitor and Travel medical Insurance —do pay a visit to
Which one to buy?
According to the industry experts, it is better to fully understand your Visitor Medical insurance. Look for details in the coverage, and always pay special attention to the fine print. Depending on the requirement, one should decide whether they need a ‘limited’ or ‘comprehensive’ insurance. However, keep one thing in mind- if a plan is cheaper or has less deductible then it will have limited coverage and, if a plan has better coverage then either it will have more deductible or is more expensive. It depends on you; as to how much risk you want to take.
Where to buy?
You can buy medical insurance either in your home country or in the US, from an agent or online. According to several experiences of people who traveled abroad, a policy bought from an US based Insurance Company works more efficiently when compared to the ones bought from your home country based insurance companies.
Medical insurance from an US based agency might be more expensive, but being recognized by a larger number of hospitals and doctors is definitely an advantage. One can receive instant coverage and instant attention during a medical emergency. There are several companies in USA that provide medical insurance for international visitors. There are a variety of Insurance companies catering to medical insurance for international visitors, which makes it a relatively easier task. For more information, you can visit websites like, a popular site for Visitor Medical Insurance to read, compare, select, get a quote and make a sensible decision to buy the best suitable plan. It’s an easy and quick solution, with no paper work involved, no physical/medical exam required. You can obtain ID cards and coverage instantly or whenever you request. Renewal is also easy. The site serves every Travel Insurance need ranging from visitors, students, Immigrant Plans to US Citizens Traveling International. offers affordable visitor medical and travel insurance plan most suitable for Parents and Relatives visiting from India.
A one-stop solution, provides you with the necessary tools to understand compare and select the right plan providing a secure website for easier and safer transactions.
*Never travel without an insurance policy.
* Read your policy carefully especially the fine print and also the pre-existing ailments cause, as this clause will be most-often used to deny any claims.
*Keep all your receipts and reports safely.
*Try your best to convince the hospital/doctors to accept your insurance policy.
*If you extend your stay in USA, don’t forget to extend your medical insurance policy.
*In case of pre-existing conditions, always carry all your medications from India for the complete stay

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