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Inside the houseful private screening of Pathaan in Atlanta


Atlanta, GA, February 10, 2023: Pathaan, featuring Shah Rukh Khan, John Abraham, and Deepika Padukone, was released on January 25th, 2023, and received widespread support and appreciation from SRK’s fans globally. The film’s impact was also felt in Atlanta, where a private screening was held on January 29th organized by Rohil Virani at the Regal Medlock. 

It was a huge success, with fans flocking to the theater to catch a glimpse of Shah Rukh Khan’s outstanding comeback in Pathan. People were sitting all the way to the first row. Despite it being tough to see the movie up close, fans of SRK refused to leave their first and second-row seats and even sat on the stairs and floor to get a good view of the performance. 

The atmosphere was filled with excitement and joy, as audiences enjoyed the movie and savored Indian snacks along with the traditional popcorn and soda. The arrival of Shah Rukh Khan received enthusiastic applause, with his charming star presence and impressive physique leaving everyone in the crowd in awe. The introduction of Deepika Padukone’s sensuous dance number transformed the theater into a club-like atmosphere, as people stood up and danced to the peppy tune of Vishal Shekhar’s song.

Salman Khan also appears in the film in a cameo role as “Tiger.” Pathan is a part of Yash Raj’s Spy Universe, which already consists of three highly successful movies – Tiger Zinda Hai, Ek Tha Tiger, and War. With Salman’s involvement, Pathan is expected to be a major hit. During the viewing, the excitement and enthusiasm of the audience waned for a bit, but the entrance of Salman reignited their energy and filled the theater with cheers and screams. Salman’s presence added a special touch to the film and elevated the experience for the audience.

Moreover, the villain of the film is portrayed by John Abraham. While Pathan could have benefitted from a stronger antagonist, John’s portrayal lacked the menacing presence usually associated with a villain. Despite the over-the-top & ‘defying-all rules of physics’ action, a cameo by counterpart Salman Khan and just two musical numbers, audiences and fans of Shah Rukh Khan thoroughly enjoyed the film’s private screening. Some even compared it to a video game and noted that if Bond movies can do it, then why not Pathan?

After the screening, NRI Pulse spoke with the audience members and organizer Rohil Virani. The audience was captivated by the cameo of Salman Khan. The excitement lingered even in the hallways of Regal Medlock where SRK fans could be heard shouting “Pathaan.”

Although it has proved to be the first blockbuster Bollywood movie of 2023, the outcome of Pathan among the critics is still uncertain.

One thing is for sure—the people of Atlanta enjoyed a wonderful evening filled with excitement. Regardless of the critical reception, the private screening of the movie left everyone with beaming smiles as they headed home.

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