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Indian community in Georgia honors Top 10 Mentors of the Globe

Atlanta, GA, June 1, 2022: The Indian community recently hosted IFLD (International Federation of Learning and Development) awards to celebrate the Top 10 Management Mentors of the Globe at The Venue at Friendship Springs. The Indian community is actively involved in organizing cultural events, and this event is set apart as being one of its kind in the management training industry.

Soft and interpersonal skills are gaining colossal traction globally, with companies and their leaders learning to manage a complex set of workforce challenges, drive better culture, and lead with empathy. World-renowned management gurus and authors flew in from Switzerland, Japan, Canada, India, and various parts of the USA for this event conceptualized by the Global Management Guru Dr. Shailesh Thakar.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, author of “Triggers,” “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There,” and “The Earned Life,” conducted an all-day event alongside top mentors including Dr. Shailesh Thakar, Ayesh Birsel, John Baldoni, Nicole Hielmann, Peter Bregman, Eddie Turner, Dr. Oleg Konovalov, Chester Elton, Charles Savage, Ruth Gotian, and Ron Carucci and Frank Wagner. Mr. Teru Isob from the International Federation of Learning and Development (IFLD) flew in from Tokyo, Japan, to be in attendance. The training focused on leadership, self-development, and management for living a life of purpose, happiness, and success. The highlight of the training was seeing Dr. Marshall Goldsmith demonstrating his 40 years of experience in the Learning and Development field.

Vanik Association of Georgia, Charotar Patel Samaj of Georgia, and Brahmin Samaj of Georgia collaborated to welcome all mentors and attendees. Mr. Tejas Patwa executed the exceptionally-well event with support from Mr. Dhiren Patel from Georgia. Dr. Nimish Dhruv, Jainti Patel, and Mr. Ashish Thakker welcomed the audience.

The evening was star-studded with IFLD giving global awards to all the top mentors. Dr. Marshall Goldsmith received the “Top Mentor of Planet Earth 2022,” and all other mentors received the “Top Mentor of the World 2022” award. Key community members also received an award for their outstanding work to the community, including Mr. Harshad Shah (TN), Dr. K.C. Shah, Mr. Dhiren Patel,  Mr. Ashok Patel, Dr. Nimish Dhruva, Mr. Bharat Patel, Mr. Atul Doshi, Mr. Mukund Patel (Bobby Patel), Mr. Ashish Thaker & Mr. Tejas Patwa

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