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In conversation with Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu

By N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe

New Delhi, Dec 14: Successful people often say that the first step toward achieving one’s dreams is to have faith and walk confidently. Harnaaz Sandhu, who was crowned the 70th Miss Universe, is one of them, purposefully and confidently achieving her goal.

In an exclusive interview right after she won, Sandhu spoke to IANSlife of her victory and plans ahead.

How does it feel on winning the crown for India after 21 years?

Sandhu: It’s just overwhelming and unbelievable. Finally, India is able to wear the crown of Miss Universe after 21 years, and I think we have been waiting for this for so long; the feeling is just out of this world.

You were very confident that you would win and you did… What was the key to your success?

Sandhu: Representing your country is a huge thing. It’s about the confidence, you need to have in yourself and the realization from within that this is the purpose of your life. You have to want to make the most of the platform and the opportunity that is given to you.

We have to actually evolve a lot when we realize what we want to do with our life. With that faith, love and all the prayers of the people from my country, it gave me the drive I needed to win.

It’s going to be a busy year. How do u plan to use the platform to make a change?

Sandhu: I would love to focus on every possible issue that the organization focuses on, along with my advocacy for women empowerment and menstrual hygiene.

My mom, a gynecologist has always made sure that I talked about this with the youth who are the future of tomorrow.

Women in my community and around the world still feel uncomfortable talking about their health. And I think if somebody wants to achieve the purpose of their life, it can only be done when one is healthy. So I would like to use this platform to talk about these issues.

Lara Dutta has welcomed you to the miss universe club. Anything you’d like to say on that?

Sandhu: I am actually out of words. One of the queens, who gave me confidence and courage to be one amongst them, is welcoming me to the group. Women empowering women, to change the world and I am fortunate to be among them, this is something I am grateful for.

Lara has really helped me a-lot and made me realize that it’s all about believing in myself.


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