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I want to settle down again, says Zeenat Aman

Mumbai, Nov 19 (IANS) Yesteryear’s glamorous actress Zeenat Aman, who turned 63 Nov 19, says she is ready to settle down again.

“Of course I want to settle down with someone once again. Why wouldn’t I? You see, all these years I’ve single-mindedly focussed on my sons Azaan and Zahaan. Their well-being and happiness are all that mattered to me while they were growing up.

“Now that they have matured and have a life of their own. I can begin to think about my own life once again,” says Zeenat with a laugh as she takes on her 60s headlong.

During her heyday Zeenat worked round the clock to become one of the most sought-after actresses in the 1970s. Her marriage to Mazhar Khan in 1985 considerably slackened her work-pace.

“You must understand I worked relentlessly for 15 years. When I got married I had reached a sort of saturation point. I wanted to focus on my marriage, husband and then the two boys. Now my sons are grown up and have a life of their own. They are both multi-talented.

“A older one has graduated. The younger one is qualified in the culinary arts, and in music and acting. Let’s see which way they go. At the moment their future is fluid,” she said.

Zeenat describes her own state of the heart as also fluid. She won’t admit having someone in her life but readily admits to being ready for love and marriage in spite of being singularly unlucky all her life in matters of the heart.

“I hold no grudges against anyone. I believe there are good people out there. And I believe there is always room for love and companionship,” says Zeenat.

She admits she isn;t that hopeful about her career.

“There are just that many roles for actresses my age. In fact the opportunities are almost non-existent. For better or worse I can’t chase work. I never have done that. I choose from whatever comes my way.”

Zeenat hasn’t had much luck with the quality of roles in recent times. But she isn’t complaining.

“I will do another film now only when it’s something worth my while. I don’t need to act just for the heck of it,” she said.

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