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Dr. Kishore’s books unravel holistic ways to create a meaningful life


Rooted in ancient Indian wisdom and blended with anecdotes from scriptures, quotes from philosophers, and metaphors relatable to the modern day world, Dr. Kishore’s books ‘Tamasoma Jyothirrgamaya’ and ‘Life is Creating Yourself’ provide an insightful pathway toward the inward journey.

Inspired by Indian philosophies and current day humanitarians, Dr. Bellamkonda K. Kishore’s ‘Tamasoma Jyothirrgamaya’ shines light upon the meaning and purpose of human life and ways to raise human spirits above the mundane, while leading busy lives.

Tamosoma describes 12 aspects of human life, which need to be consciously shaped to be free from the noise of the world, to lead a happy and peaceful existence.

The author’s background in science combined with his keen observation of human nature comes through at various points of his writing, such as the comparison of diamond to graphite, both of which are made of the same element carbon, where the author states, “What gives such a value to diamond as compared to the graphite is not its elemental composition, but the internal structure and strength of the chemical bonding among the carbon atoms. Similarly, what differentiates people of nobility from the rest is their inner strength and integrity, not external appearance or riches. Furthermore, just as the brilliance of a diamond comes from the light it scatters, and not the light it absorbs, so also the value we generate in our lives comes from what we give to this world, and not what we take from it.”

Dr Bellamkonda Kishore

Dr. Kishoretouches upon various topics including power of faith, understanding fate and destiny, living with a purpose, human creative power, creating and sustaining balance, and integrating professional, family and social life.

The author emphasizes on the adaptation of Sanathana Dharma, identified with five principles of Satya (Truth), Dharma (right conduct), Santhi (Peace), Prema (Love) and Ahimsa (non-violence).

“The beauty of these five principles is that they run in tandem when one practices Sanathana Dharma, but they are synergistic,” he explains.  The book also details the difference between Swadharma and Paradharma, stating that a person obstructed from practicing Swadharma, and directed towards Paradharma for worldly benefits will never attain his full potential and will never be a happy soul.

Dr. Kishore also attributes this philosophy as the cause of rising youth suicides in India where parents and society push a student inherently passionate about biological sciences (due to Swadharma) to take up other monetarily attractive professions (Paradharma).

The book also features poetic compositions that complement the essays.

 “Happiness must be an ever-flowing spring,” quotes Dr. Kishore in his ‘Life is Creating Yourself’, emphasizing the fact that happiness is a by-product and not an end product of what people do. Released in April 2019, the book presents fifteen principles that serve as a primer to build one’s own life and career based on tacit knowledge.

“Real growth and progress occur outside the comfort zone. Intelligence alone does not help. One should be able to stretch oneself,” says Dr. Kishore urging readers to set higher goals and stretch the brain towards it, instead of settling down for an easily attainable goal in a comfort zone.

Presenting aspects of honesty, inner strength, humbleness, detachment, transparency, not burning bridges and the ability to work with messed up people, Dr. Kishoreoffers ways to empower personalities.

The book also differentiates abstract and concrete thinking, wherein the abstract thinker works beyond limitations, assimilating abundant information in a short time to extract knowledge that is universal, and the concrete thinker is bound by set confines.

Dr. Kishore cites the lives of Dr. Vadrevu K. Rajuand Dr. Leela V. Raj, who work for a cause and shaped their lives and professions accordingly.

Offering three main ingredients of living with a higher aim, value added life and a life with love and compassion, Dr. Kishore unravels holistic ways of finding peace and creating a meaningful life.

The books also feature forewords by Atlanta’s favorite writer, Mahadev Desai along with Dr. Vadrevu K. Raju, Founder and President, Eye Foundation of America, Morgantown, and Dr. Malireddy S. Reddy, President & CEO ADFAC and IMAC.

Professor Bellamkonda Kishore, M.D., Ph.D., MBA directs an internationally recognized research program at the VA Salt Lake City Health Care System and the University of Utah Health. He spent his life doing research on the kidney and obesity, along with reading, analyzing, digesting and assimilating the wisdom of both ancient India and western thought processes.

Please contact the author at for free copies of the books.

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