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Delhi Crime, Aarya, Aranyak, and other binge-worthy series this Navratri

With Navratri just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to explore stories of strength, resilience, and female empowerment. In line with the festival’s spirit, here’s a list of six must-binge web series and audio series featuring powerful female protagonists, that not only entertain but also empower, embodying the essence of Navratri.

From gripping crime dramas to heartwarming tales of ambition and self-discovery, these narratives resonate with the festival’s ethos. Immerse yourself in the journeys of remarkable women and celebrate their strength as you mark Navratri with these must-watch series that inspire and captivate.

‘Delhi Crime Season 1 and 2’

‘Delhi Crime’ season one delves into the harrowing events of the 2012 Nirbhaya gang rape in Delhi and places a strong female protagonist, DCP Vartika Chaturvedi, at its heart. Shefali Shah brilliantly portrays a character embodying calm, composure, and unwavering rationality, challenging stereotypes in a male-dominated profession. Addressed as ‘Madam-Sir’ by a fellow female officer, DCP Vartika Chaturvedi shatters gender barriers.

The second season takes viewers on a new crime saga, further showcasing her exceptional skills in solving complex cases in the heart of Delhi. This series is a powerful and essential watch on this Navratri. It is streaming on Netflix.

‘Aarya Season 1 and 2’

‘Aarya’ features a compelling narrative with a powerful female lead, Aarya Sareen, portrayed by Sushmita Sen. Set in the world of organized crime, Aarya transforms from a loving wife and mother into a confident decision-maker after her husband’s mysterious death, uncovering his illegal activities. Sushmita Sen’s performance anchors Aarya’s character as a symbol of strength and determination.

The series follows Aarya’s journey for justice and the protection of her children, making it a perfect fit for Navratri’s celebration of empowerment. It is streaming on Disney+Hotstar.

‘Four More Shots Please Season 3’

‘Four More Shots Please’ season three follows four inseparable friends on a journey of emotional farewells, baggage, and complex relationships. It highlights a strong female protagonist in Damini, Akanksha, Siddhi, and Umang. As they seek closure and navigate their tumultuous lives, their stories resonate with the challenges and aspirations of modern women. The workplace encounter between Damini and Akanksha adds poignant nuances to the narrative.

Siddhi’s inner turmoil leads to a fiery reunion, unravelling the intricate layers of their friendship. Stream this engaging series on Prime Video for a fresh perspective on friendship, love, and self-discovery during Navratri.


Raveena Tandon shines as Kasturi Dogra, a local police officer thrust into a high-profile investigation amidst the mystique of the Himalayas. Her character epitomises strength, independence, and relatable vulnerability. In this gripping series, she navigates a spectrum of emotions. As the show gears up for its second season, anticipate more mysteries in the enchanting Himalayan backdrop, illuminated by Raveena Tandon’s exceptional performance. It is available on Netflix.

‘Girls Hostel 2’

The series portrays daily life in a typical girls’ hostel, addressing common issues like water shortages and cramped rooms. Strong female protagonists, including Jo (Srishti Shrivastava), Zahira (Parul Gulati), Richa (Ahsaas Channa), and Mili (Simran Natekar), take centre stage as they stage a daring protest, thrusting their world into the realm of politics. But the political drama doesn’t end there. As the hostel gears up for presidential elections, a fierce rivalry erupts, transforming the premises into a battleground of ambition and power struggles.

It is a delightful, humorous, and empowering series that celebrates the strength and resilience of young women as they navigate the complexities of college life. It is streaming on SonyLIV.

‘Love After Rebirth’

‘Love After Rebirth’, an audio series follows Aryaa Sinha, a resilient Army officer betrayed and brutally murdered. Through reincarnation, she seeks justice and her son’s protection, aided by her devoted husband, Dr Sivaay Maheshwari. The series is a thrilling journey where love, redemption, and vengeance intertwine. Will it lead to reconciliation or a heart-wrenching climax? It is streaming on Pocket FM.

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