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Cultural gaiety, release of Kiran Bhat’s travelogue at NKK Yugadi


Atlanta, GA, May 10, 2019: Nrupathunga Kannada Koota (NKK) celebrated Yugadi with much splendor and traditional fervor on March 30, 2019 at Berkmar High School. Founding member Dr. H.N. Ramaswamy and Dr. Jagdish N. Sheth presided as chief guests of the event.

Yugadi, derived from Sanskrit for yuga (age) and adi (beginning), is celebrated on the first day of the bright half of the Indian month, Chaitra, which is usually late March or early April of the Gregorian calendar.   

Tirugaata, a travelogue authored by Kiran S. Bhat was released by Dr. Ramaswamy. Literally translating to ‘Traveling’, Tirugaata summates Bhat’s travel experiences across 126 countries he has toured, detailing ways to adopt to foreign nations by learning their language, customs and practices without any help or prior knowledge about the country. Bhat, through his travels, has mastered the art of speaking in 11 and the ability to write in 5 different languages.

“My friend said, Congratulations you are a granddad today. He meant Tirugaata was nothing short of Kiran’s child and my grandchild,” beamed Dr. Subramanya Bhat, NKK Chairman and father of Kiran Bhat.

Shri Shankari Narasimhaiya Mutteri Scholarships, sponsored by Dr. Subramanya Bhat and Dr. Annapurna Bhat were awarded to deserving students Veda Balaji, Mihir Parmesh and Vishnu K Achar by Dr. Jagadish Sheth and his wife Madhu Sheth.

Emcees Shruti Shridhar, Madhu Diwakar along with kids Arnav Rao and Anirudh Kowlagi kept the audience engaged with various dance, music and theatrical performances including  mythological dance-drama Girija Kalyana, wedding of Goddess Parvati, dance performance  Malenaadina moolenaage with a village backdrop, a skit by students of  Marietta Kannada Shaale, group rendition of patriotic songs, among others, all presented by members of NKK.

Professional Bharathanatyam dancers showcased a celebration spectrum of Indian festivals including Yugadi, Ramanavami, Ganesha Chaturthi, Krishna Janmashtami, Dasara, Deepavali and Holi in a dance-drama presentation, Parvasapthaka, performed by Vidushi Varsha Krupananda, Vidushi Shruthi Narasimhan, Shruthi Mallikarjuna and Chaitra Chandrashekhar. 

“An hour long show captured all our hearts and received a standing ovation and appreciation from the audience!” said Shruti Shridhar.

A sumptuous dinner concluded the festivities.


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