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Business announces updated website equipped with new money sending corridors to India, Philippines and Mexico

Atlanta, GA, Oct 7, 2016:, the leading remittance comparison site, has launched a newer and improved website recently. Equipped with a modernized design, the new CompareRemit site will also feature access to several additional corridors in the remittance world, helping users in the US and UK compare and transfer money to India, the Philippines and Mexico. The new site marks a significant period of growth for CompareRemit, as they are further expanding their business reach across the globe and building a stronger partner based community in the remittance space.

The CompareRemit site embodies the look and feel of a more modern website design. The dynamic features allow for a cohesive, more engaging user experience for our customers. The website will be organized in a convenient fashion, where information will be displayed according to what the user would like to see; whether it’s best value, best rate, or fastest transfer, the user is able to cater the results to their specific needs.

“Remittance should be simpler,” states CompareRemit CEO and President Rajeev Shrivastava, “and as we work with top-of-the-line remittance service providers, our mission is to provide the best value to our users as they send money abroad to family and friends. What started off as a means to send money toIndiahas now branched off into several corridors, including sending money from the US and UK to India, Mexico and the Philippines, with many more money sending corridors to come.”

This expansion to multiple corridors is a leap in business growth for the company and a pivotal point for CompareRemit. Currently engaging with more than 24 remittance providers, adding more partners to the community allows the ability to unlock new channels and explore new realms that have been in the works for years. Now providing users with new and unique exclusive deals, better exchange rates, and authentic reviews from others users, CompareRemit continues to keep their users’ needs top of mind as they deliver the best possible platform to their consumers.

Partnering with leading remittance providers in fueling currency transfers around the world has been a great step in the company’s development, and gives CompareRemit greater hope for further expansion in the future. With new horizons to pursue, CompareRemit is thrilled to launch this new website and continue their success as a leading remittance platform.

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