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Atlanta City Council declares March 7 as Dr. Nazeera Dawood Day

Atlanta, GA, March 27, 2024: As part of its celebration of Women’s History Month, the Atlanta City Council honored Dr. Nazeera Dawood, founder and CEO of Vendorship, Inc., for her exceptional service to the Greater Atlanta community. The ceremony, held on March 7th, marked a significant milestone as the Atlanta City Council officially declared March 7th as “Dr. Nazeera Dawood Day,” recognizing her outstanding achievements and resilience.

Andrea L. Boone, a distinguished member of the Atlanta City Council, commended Dr. Dawood’s unwavering commitment to public health and economic empowerment, citing her remarkable journey from earning a medical degree to establishing Vendorship. Boone emphasized Dr. Dawood’s leadership in uplifting women and minority-owned businesses and fostering a spirit of community collaboration across Atlanta.

The ceremony, attended by several guests including thought leader Viren Mayani and Darryl Ricardo Matthews Sr., Director of Business Development at Vendorship, featured heartfelt remarks and presentations. Councilmember Andrea L Boone presented the official proclamation, with additional speakers including Monidipa Das, Madhu Pareek, Veni Nanjundiah, and Richard Johnson, underscoring the impact of Dr. Dawood’s contributions.

Dr. Dawood’s journey, spanning over two decades in both public and private sectors, was lauded for its dedication and service. With a background in medicine and a Master’s Degree in Public Health from UNC Chapel Hill, Dr. Dawood’s experience in public service roles provided invaluable insights into government procurement processes, culminating in the establishment of Vendorship.

Expressing gratitude for the honor, Dr. Dawood emphasized the importance of diversity and inclusion in business practices, noting the role of companies like Vendorship as exemplars of equitable access and opportunities. Previous recognitions, including House Resolution 591 reaffirming diversity in patriotism and a proclamation from Fulton County, further underscored Dr. Dawood’s commitment to community service and innovation.

Vendorship Inc., founded out of the need for a liaison between innovative solution providers and government offices, aims to foster social and structural innovation for the betterment of communities. By bridging the gap between innovators and government entities, Vendorship facilitates better functioning and community development.

The recognition of Dr. Nazeera Dawood by the Atlanta City Council serves not only as a tribute to her individual achievements but also as a testament to the importance of diversity, inclusion, and community collaboration in advancing the Greater Atlanta area.

For more information about Vendorship Inc., please visit their website at or contact them via email at They can also be reached on social media platforms including Facebook and LinkedIn, or by phone at (404) 982-4070.

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