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Astrology and Vastu tips to enhance positivity and dispel darkness during the time of coronavirus

By Dr. Dipikka Sanghi Gupta*

Today, the world is scared and disrupted because of the deadly Coronavirus! The biggest challenge for mankind is to survive this pandemic. The world economy is suffering. Doctors and healthcare workers are putting themselves at risk to save as many lives as possible; while researchers are frantically developing vaccines. 

Though the world is in chaos, we cannot deny that everything happens for a reason. A huge shift is happening in the world. Astrology offers us deeper insight into this virus and what it might mean for us, socially, physically, economically, and spiritually.

The North Node and South Node (Rahu and Ketu) are usually responsible for any virus. As per Astrology, Jupiter is significator of Pranshakti, Oxygen. Whenever Jupiter gets afflicted by these Nodes, some or the other virus comes into existence. Moreover, it spreads quickly and is tough to identify. At the time of Ebola, SARS, Hanta etc. the same astrological combination was experienced. This time, its intensity is much higher because Jupiter and Saturn are transiting their own houses. This planetary combination will break in September 2020.

With some simple Astrology and Vastu tips we can enhance the positivity and dispel the darkness and gloom brought into our lives by this virus.

It is good to be cautious (social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands etc.) but don’t feed your mind with fear. Disengage yourself from intense news that is delivered to you through most of the prominent channels these days and remember to meditate in order to unplug and relax your nervous system. Deep breathing tells the nervous system that we are safe and this boosts the immune system. Focus your energy only on what you can control and let go of what you can’t control.

To bring relief to your mental and emotional state, put some fresh ginger pieces in a bowl of water and keep this in North East Direction. Also, chant Gayatri Mantra or Mahamritunjaya Mantra to release stress.

To strengthen your immune system, practice Pran Mudra. To do this, join the tips of little and ring fingers with the tip of the thumb, keeping the other two fingers straight. This mudra rejuvenates body and mind.

This pandemic will change the economic and financial structure for the next few years. The virus has triggered layoffs and pay cuts. To create a positive mindset and keep the energies flowing at a personal level, put some currency in a bowl in North Direction. Declutter North East, North West and South West for clarity in goals, gains and stability in profession.

Life is a journey which must follow a path. It has to be lived beautifully! May the Universe take care of all our needs and bless humanity with love, faith and peace.

*Dr. Dipikka Sanghi Gupta is a well-known name in the field of Vedic Astrology, Numerology and Vastu Shastra. She holds a Doctorate in Vedic Astrology from India. She has authored a book named, “The Numeroscope – A complete guide to numbers”. She has also created numerical deck with the same name. She has also co-authored a book “Holistic Wellness in the NewAge: A Comprehensive Guide to NewAge Healing Practices” with dignitaries like Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. B.M Hegde, Robert M. Williams, Bryant Meyers, among others. She is also the founder of “The Divine Art Foundation Trust” in India in 2016, a nonprofit organization working to provide basic amenities to poor children as well as education and awareness in the areas of Spiritualism and Divination.

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