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Tribute to Atlanta Naari

Anjali Chhabria: Girl on the run

‘Tribute to Atlanta Naari’, a photographic ode to Atlanta women.
They are mothers and wives, sisters and daughters. They are successful professionals and strong role models. They lead with their hearts and give back to the community. Let us salute the ‘heroes’ of our community!
Photography and Concept: Divya Desai
Make up: Kripa Bhatt
Hair Stylist: Tina Cash

I came to the USA at age 24, with just a graduate degree in Commerce from Mumbai, without knowing the culture of this country or anyone here.
For the first time, I was away from the sheltered life with my parents in a complete foreign land. I had to learn everything on my own, make my own decisions – good or bad- from learning to drive to making a living.
Being on my own was challenging, but it has been an incredible journey and I am proud of who I am today. Being on my own made me independent, and showed me my strengths, weaknesses, and made me learn from my mistakes.
Now I know that if I can make a life in an unknown country on my own, I am up for any challenge in life!
Life in the US  taught me to never say no to any work. As my mom says, work brings more work. You never know which opportunity is knocking at your door.

Currently, I am freelancing with a media channel and have a full time job in an IT company. My passion is to venture out and try different things in life; to see what I am good at. I’ve tried my hand at everything-from modelling to anchoring to acting in local plays.
I want to see myself as a girl who’s been looked up to and admired for my personality, my character and my work.
I do dream of becoming a celebrity one day myself, and a celebrity reporter – I love interviewing celebrities, getting up close and personal with them, getting to learn from them.
Hobbies: I love fashion, travel around the world, Bollywood music, outdoor activities, music (and I want to learn to play the piano).
Inspiration: Successful people inspire me
Motivation:  My family especially, friends and all those people who have supported me in my journey.
I want to see myself successful and recognized for my work. I want to see my name out there and make my parents, family and friends proud.

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